February 15, 2011

Why is team Obama lying?

This filth was in my inbox from Obama's Organizing to Destroy America.

The state legislature may vote as soon as this week on Gov. Scott Walker's radical plan to strip Wisconsin's public employees of the right to organize.

Walker is not taking away the ability of state workers to organize.  Maybe he should if this is the kind of low brow uncivil rhetoric we are going to get from the direct representatives of Barack (Censored) Obama.

He is proposing an attack on our public workers -- from those who teach our children to those who plow our streets -- taking away their ability to fight for the better working conditions and pay all our families need and deserve.

State workers would still be able to collectively bargain for wages and their benefit packages will still be far better than those in the private sector.  From this uncivil tone you would think Walker was lining up Scott Walker to flog them.

The bill is coming up for a vote just days after it was introduced, leaving no time for public debate. Gov. Walker has even alerted the National Guard to be ready in the event of "labor unrest."

Umm, the bill is up for public debate today and tomorrow.  Your scare tactic with the National Guard is ridiculous.  This was a contingency plan in case corrections workers walked off the job, nothing more.

I could go on but I won't, the President and his paid union buddies are stretching the truth and using scare tactics.  Civility?  Not from the President, his loyal minions or the unions that give so much of their money to him.

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