February 13, 2011

What am I to do?

I received a robocall from WEAC yesterday stating that I need to call my legislators so that they don't pass the labor bill. They say that Scott Walker is trying to kill my family!!! Unions never resort to sensationalizing rhetoric do they?

It's about time that the decades old union structure be taken to task. Unfortunately, it appears the government has to intervene since the unions have a successful group of lemmings within their ranks. As a public employee, I am ready to accept what needs to be done. My family will find a way to survive. If I can't make ends meet down the road, then I may have to seek employment that will provide better support.

As a teacher in the first half of my career, I am well aware that three teachers' unions, which take my money, don't care about me and do little to nothing to help me or my family. It's time for change.

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