February 16, 2011

Truly Embarrassed

Today I am truly embarrassed to be considered a colleague with the busloads of teachers protesting in Madison. I am embarrassed that I am part of the same profession as those who have knowingly put their politics and paychecks ahead of their students. I am shamed by those who have willingly brought their politics into the classroom by encouraging their students to protest. I am ashamed of the unions who purportedly represent me through hate filled rhetoric and unreasoned discourse. I feel the most embarrassment at those who are there and claim to be professional. You are not and can never be considered as such.

As I sit here less than an hour from welcoming my kids into class, many other students in Wisconsin will be greeted by a substitute as their teacher motors toward Madison full of vitriol and venom for Governor Walker. I guess you might say they are upset at the bill, but the bill is only the vehicle used to drive the anger at Walker. This show of solidarity will accomplish nothing and harm the students who are without their teacher today.

While I am not happy about the potential of losing some of my take-home pay, if it leads to a state and school system that is more viable, so be it. I can think for myself, read the facts and make my own decision. Unfortunately, many union-minded teachers cannot.

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