February 19, 2011

Terrorists From Within

The trial of Carlos Bledsoe AKA Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad who murdered my nephew and severely wounded his friend and fellow soldier 2 years ago in Little Rock, Arkansas is hopefully going to happen this July.

This terrorist has already confessed, yet the trial has been postponed several times. Pro-muslim groups will say that we are unfairly targeting the Muslim religion in trying Bledsoe for this murder.

When is our country going to wake up to the FACT that there are those who believe that Islamic law justifies terrorism - Jihad - as a legitimate means of spreading their religion and be better prepared for them? The article gives us a hint that US AG Holder does recognize this fact at least a little as evidenced by the arrest of 22 homegrown terrorists in the last year. Hopefully these hearings will bear fruit by increasing national awareness and a greater resolve to fight this internal threat. How many more home grown terrorists are out there right now? I hope the AG's team is very actively looking for them and can stop them before they can act on their plans to harm Americans.

We must, as a country, have the resolve to continue to actively seek out internal terrorists and root them out and stop them with a full understanding about their goal of a world ruled by Muslim law and the Jihad that exists to accomplish that goal. I DO NOT paint all those who believe in the basic tenants of Islam as terrorists, but I do call on those who do not believe in this Jihad to speak out more and help us identify those who are participating in this Jihad against us.

I would also hope that Emperor Obama would stand up and lead this fight instead of being weak and sympathetic in his effort to "not offend" the peaceful Muslims in our country. Why can't he stand up and call on those "peaceful" Muslims to step up and prove their peacefulness by helping us?

This is not a problem easily solved nor will it be solved quickly. This conflict started way back in biblical times and will continue long term, but we must engage in the struggle and protect our country actively, agressively and for the long run.

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