February 14, 2011

MRQ I'd recommend a taser

My time is limited  Patrick
shouldn’t you know better  Owen
it smells.  Dad29
progressively worse  Elliot
The Alpacker.  Steve
The chicken was delicious  Huck
a few pics to share with you  Egg
it's all about the "Hope and Change."  Kevin
in a ninja suit  Trog
off at the clap of a hand  bussorah
I’d recommend a taser  Wigdy
TRQ (Twitter Random Quotes)
just keep pushing   Shoebox
I have not seen this much passion in years  Nancy
I'm really Shy.  Carrie
attacking me in packs  Kevin
 state workers go nuts  Wigdy
drank a fifth  Egg
Brownies. Noms  TAB
Get back to work.  Jones.
I lost the Grammy.  Fraley
modest blushing from the gals  Tom
FBRQ (Facebook Random Quotes)
single albeit hormonal  Dipity
extraordinareily lazy  CFR
put some clothes on  Holly
These guys are brilliant  Chad
in the name of Democracy  James T

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