February 7, 2011

MRQ allergic to awesome

with an actual ball.  Wendy.
where are the windows?  Kate
she has chains now  Owen
constant harping and hyperbole Zoltar 
my wife’ll buy that Trog
To hell with Segways OrbsCorbs
conk him on the head lumbejack
natural nerd tendencies  Steve
Happy to pay up.  SamdHam
allergic to awesome.  Dipity
turn over cars and start fires.  KB
a wolf is pro-sheep  Peter
DNA samples don't count.  Fraley
Please don't spoil.  Jones.
This is stupid.  Michael
a very sarcastic drunk.  Egg
it sure felt good.  Patrick
one monkey Kevin
Hey Brett.  Holly
you're an ass  CFR
there's no more Jim
the view from the tractor Patrick
not a homer Frank
Stalk much?  Tammy

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