February 28, 2011

More Hypocrisy by Educators

Facebook, the bastion of sketchy facts and abundant opinion, has become a place of waning collegial respect for me. As you might expect, many of my Facebook friends work in the educational realm in some capacity. It has gotten to the point where I hesitate to log on for fear of what colleague has let me down now. For example:

1. Links to "Stories" and clever catch-phrases filled with evil for Governor Walker (I don't care for similar pointless rhetoric done toward liberals as well). Instead of forming an opinion infused with salient points, they'd rather sound like a ranting lunatic. Perhaps due to having no ground for their argument?

2. Teachers are showing support for the 14 State Senators hiding out of state. Many of those same teachers teach about how our government functions with a bicameral legislature and so on. How do they justify teaching about how a bill becomes law and then support the blatant abandoning of those tenets by Senator Wirch and the like? Hypocrisy at the highest level.

3. Overall what the protestors and complainers are doing flies in the face of what they despise in the system. Regardless of which side of the aisle they fall on, nearly all teachers are tired of the handouts schools flood the students and families with today. Now their screams for entitlement ring louder than those of the "disadvantaged families."

I can handle disagreements on politics and beliefs. However, what is happening now does irreparable damage to the professionalism and reputations of those who I work beside. It is a sad, sad time to be a teacher.

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