February 20, 2011

Milwaukee Archbishop Listecki – Catholic Social Justice proponent

The Archbishop injected his thoughts into the current Madison “debate” this week over the issue of public unions and their right to collective bargaining. Among other comments he noted that “hard times do not nullify the moral obligation each of us has to respect the legitimate rights of workers."

I have three questions:

1. Is it not a bit disingenuous to make these comments considering the fact that Catholic school teachers are paid far less than their public school counterparts in terms of salary, retirement and benefits – partly (mostly?) because they cannot unionize and bargain collectively?

2. Will the Archbishop enthusiastically support unionization of Catholic school teachers and staff so that collective bargaining can take place, upholding that moral obligation to the legitimate rights of workers ?

3. Is it not a bit disingenuous to tell the State of Wisconsin how they should be doing business when your own organization recently decided to file for bankruptcy protection (due to the “sins of a few” being covered up by middle and sometimes upper management) – an option that the State of Wisconsin will not have when we collectively hit the wall?

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