February 15, 2011

A captive fund raising source for the Democrats. How unethical can you get?

One of the reasons why the Wisconsin State Workers unions are crying the blues right now is the Governor's proposal would allow state workers to opt out of paying union dues if they chose to do so.

Of course the unions position is we fight for all employees so they should pay dues.

Well what about politics?  The unions take part of those dues and they give it to political activity. And this giving is almost exclusively to Democrats.  I am aware that SEIU members have been told they will face two mandatory deductions that will go straight to the re-election effort of Barack (Censored) Obama.

Here is a link that shows the largest political contributors over the last 21 years.  You can see how much each organization has given and what percentage went to each party.

As you can clearly see the vast majority of union giving goes straight into Democratic coffers.  Look at the SEIU, 100% democrat.  I can assure you not all SEIU members are Democrats.

So what we have here is state money being laundered through the unions to give back to Democrats for political purposes.  Seriously folks, how unethical can you get?

While you are looking at the information there take a peek at corporate giving.  As leftists complain about  the Citizens United case you can clearly see that most corporations split up their corporate giving.  Sure some tend left, Time Warner gave 80% to Democrats, some tend right, the Altria Group gave 70% to Republicans.  However, most corporations give to both parties.

Not the unions though, go ahead take a look, reality is quite different from leftist talking points and what the media presents. (I repeat myself)

So as Democrats line up to demagogue this issue remember they are paying back all the lovely union money they have and hope to continue getting.

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