January 12, 2011

Why don't they ever mention this when they are campaigning.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn just won re-election in November (well, election really he took over for the corrupt former Governor, Rod "Pistachio" Blagojevich". 

Funny, Quinn never mentioned while campaigning a 66% increase in the Illinois income tax. I wonder why?  Hey, at least they came down from 75%!

Hey, Illinois, bring your jobs up north!

Amazing, isn't it?  The same people who are in the watch the rhetoric camp just increased state income taxes by 66%.  What do they want the people of Illinois to do, smile and say "thanks very much can you increase my taxes some more?".

Sometimes anger is justified.

Oh, while they are increasing the income tax 66%, they are not cutting anything.  But the responsible leaders of Illinois are going to cap government growth at 2%.

Nice, aren't they?

You think Illinois is cranky now?  Just wait until the Packers beat the Bears for the NFC Championship in two weeks.

Hey, if we draw dollar signs instead of gun sights is that still hate?

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