January 18, 2011

Where are the tax forms Zach?

Zach is having a s**t fit because Senator Johnson's constituent services web site is not up yet.

Kevin Binversie (who has more inside knowledge than Zach ever will)  left the following comment on Zach's post.

Hi, since I’m actually able to talk to people about this, it’s not Johnson or his office’s fault. The Senate IT folks are taking forever to get around to him because of the large freshman class of Senators (I was told they did Senators in alphabetic order by states, so “Wisconsin” got hosed.) and it’s a bureaucratic hang-up in the Senate Administrative offices. Add in the 3-Day weekend now going on in DC and it won’t get done until sometime next week.

Kevin provides a reasoned and true explanation as to the delay, guess what the response was? 

Civility?  Thanks for the information?  Rational rhetoric?

Nah, all they really want to do over there is bash Senator Johnson.  There is no interest in truth.

Funny though, tax forms aren't even available yet and will not be available for some time due to the delay caused by the former Congress in waiting until the lame duck session to deal with this issue.  This will impact people all over the country

E-File probably will not be available until late February, it may stretch into March. 

Funny, I'm sure by the time people figure out this real problem and want to issue a complaint with Senator Johnson's office his constituent services section will be operational so people can complain about how Russ Feingold's Senate caused problems with people trying to file their tax returns.

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