January 7, 2011

The Teflon Oprah

Everything tha The Oprah touches, turns to gold.

We know this from the products she uses to the presidential candidates she supports and from the books she sells….and causes she has helped champion.

Do not lie or cross The Oprah, though.

She will bring you back on national TV to excoriate you.

Isn’t that what happened to James Frey? She brought him back on the show after helping him sell millions of books to tell him – in front of her vast audience – that “You conned us all.” They titled the show ‘The Man Who Kept Oprah Awake at Night’, just to prove how much The Oprah cares about getting things right! The Oprah cares about her people so much!!

What do you think the show will be called when they have to apologize for putting children at risk for putting the likes of McCarthy on the air?

To whom will The Oprah direct her statement of “You conned us all?” Do you think she's been kept awake at night?


If The Oprah cares so much about the children, why wouldn’t she hurry and make sure parents know about the autism fraud perpetrated on the world by a few?

Of course, it may not matter.

She wasn’t responsible for it. Or the books she pushes.

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