January 6, 2011

On repealing Obamacare....

This will not earn me any vast right wing conspiracy reward points....

I find the move to repeal Obamacare by the new Congress to be silly.  1.  Harry Reid will not allow it to come for a vote.  2.  Even if it made it through the Senate, Obama would never sign it.

Why waste time doing something that is simply symbolic?  Conventional wisdom is saying you do that to put the Senate Dems and Obama on record again as supporting it.  Who cares?  Everyone already knows they support it.

I am all for the repeal of Obamacare but what happened to the replace part?  All the rhetoric after the bill passed was repeal and replace, that whole replace part of the equation got dropped.  We do need reform, I'm all for reform, just not the reforms designed to destroy that the left put into place.  Open up competition across state lines, reign in lawsuits, be rid of mandated coverages that increase costs, etc.

I wanted the new Congress to be a serious one that would tackle real problems: debt, jobs, government growth, immigration, protecting our borders, terrorism. 

Granted, after one day it is way too early to pass judgment but I firmly believe this first move is a mistake.

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