January 3, 2011

MRQ They can have my socks

a very, very, very good time   KKDither
Weenies  Peter
expext a visit from Megan McCain.  Wigdy
winning the whole shebang.  KKDither
try harder  Mary
going to get stinky.  Owen
Muahahahahahahahaha……  Elliot
best depiction of life in California  Steve
I fell off the wagon  Dipity
wore a special hat   CFR
memories get short  Kevin
Hu's on first.  AWL

like to go commando.  Jones.
They can have my socks  Pete
it is annoying  Patrick
buffet??  Joseph
road grader time  Egg
Isn't that precious?  Dean
It's not too big Corey
Is this thing on?  Owen

attacking some woman's head  Shoebox
Say, "Yessir".  TAB
Sexy chicken.  Holly
I still smile every time I say Patrick.
Tomorrow I get a huge  CFR
get bent. Frank
a resolution to behave yerself  Kate
How thoughtful!  Jimi
chocolates are gone  Sherri.
all you need to do is look at this photo   Pete
comprised of morons  TAB
I'm very excited  Dipity
hoping for a better outcome  Tammy
That's my bra! Carrie
were you licking?  Nick

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