January 10, 2011

MRQ suspicious bagels.

a dirty word.  Kate
this man is enornous.  Althouse.
better not stop.  Paul
Get off easy ALa
villains to shoot at  Denis
spread the love Mdme Zoltar
Marked by immorality and perversion  Frank
you can sell their children   Jones.
on my way to Drinking Right Dipity
The liberals are right. Aaron
yelling and playing  Ric
sure was good at it!  Jimi
getting out of bed  Wigdy
Karma DAWG  Marie

misspelling of the day  Jenna

partied too much in college Christian

very muddy Raydene

I'm hungry  Patrick

gotta find "the good stuff"  TAB

in another castle  Nick

can sack me any time!!! Tammy.

don't like each other  Conrad

antiques showing off their antiques  Dan


suspicious bagels Shoebox

fixing the economy Nancy 

my imagination  Carrie

bubble wrap.  Kevin

Thanks Vick  Pete

avoid the dagger   Wigdy

Hooray meat! Egg

creeped me out  Jones

a human genetic problem  Dean

put out to pasture with Dick Clark  Tom

by we, I mean hubby  Wendy

spinning like a slot machine  Me.

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