January 17, 2011

MRQ Place Cutler Cutlet here

make Kathy proud  Kate
14 hours of sleep just isn’t enough  Patrick
ought to be a riot.  Owen  (Watch that rhetoric Robinson)
pay a lot more.  Dad29
telling the audience to applaud blue
embarrassed to be a liberal  Denis
wipe the slobber off.  Mary
tell us that to our face   The Sheriff
violent-sounding things come out of my mouth  Trog
playoff doughnuts,  ASIW
here to keep me company  Dipity
I feel like an evil Ed McMahon  Casey
illegal in all 57 states.  Shoebox
Land 'O Cheese Nancy
a 3-point home-dog Kevin
Best Cylon Pete
criminlaize Irish Coffee.  Nick
Reince! Reince! Baby! Wigdy
Place Cutler Cutlet here  Egg
lock her in a closet TAB
You said "ass"  Michael
new parents are naming their babies Tramon  Lance
Tom Brady's sissy hair  Phel
it was an accident!  CFR
promising to be civil Dean
soaking in a giant tub  Dipity
Ice now melts at #12 degrees. RDW
I am NOT Holly
What is wrong with you?! Allie

I'm "usually" pretty..." CFR

So much for gentility  Kate

got to be an omen Frank


beat dat ass  James T


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