January 24, 2011

MRQ paralyzed from a hickey

I am going to have to blame Chris  Kate  (Doesn't everyone?)
working or watching Idol  Bruce
paralyzed from a hickey   Owen
I already hate you FIB's!I already hate you FIB's!  RWWackoStu
we’re screwed  Trog
a pair of goal posts.  Dan
a future in cutting corners  Dipity
quotable.  Wigdy (indeed)
select English (Pirate) Nancy
we *knew* this was going to happen  Patrick
an emotional tailspin  Dipity
dated hook up Will
Fat, drunk and stupid Brian
the kiss of death. Pete
very pouty Holly
Pay Up CFR
I will never understand the mind Aaron
A long walk for nothing! Shoebox
took less than ten minutes Carrie
I'll find a nice party  Kevin
annoying as hell.  Nick
upset again Wigdy
in full meltdown Egg
drinks and peanuts Hohner
Velvet Jones  Jones.
love FIBs Fraley
cracked a knuckle  Wendy
Redistribute some Superbowl tickets.  RDW

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