January 31, 2011

MRQ extremely pithy and memorable

A Dirty Word   Kate
being subtle.  Althouse
exposing himself.  Patrick
Good on you Dad29
things to do afterwards.  Elliot
the epitome of uncivil political discourse.  Mary
before the magic begins  OrbsCorbs
dressed like a woman.  Trog
I'll take A Whopper  Dan
drop me off in a cornfield in Pennsylvania Dipity
Smelled like …victory  Wigdy
a case of bleacher butt.  Owen
the coolest word I know Carrie
going to snow in Dallas Kevin
perfectly appropriate Pete
extremely pithy and memorable  Wigdy
at the salt pile  Patrick
I'll pop in  Egg
I have big time firearms  TAB
I just don't think that's gonna happen  Jones
Press The Nice Red Button  Tom
the BIG NASTY" is coming  Nancy
Code 3 on the Ridunkulous Alerts  Dipity
the post is already up  Frank
the record said you did.  Fred
Bring it on  Tammy
didn't take long Vicki
99% of people that read this won't do it. Commies  Deibert
having nightmares  Holly

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