January 17, 2011

Know your real enemy?

1. Bosnians
2. U.S. government
3. Drug cartels/rogues
4. Turks
5. U.S. government
6. China
7. Sangala (??)
8. Russians

1. What is this list?
2. What is missing from the list?
3. Seriously?

***UPDATE: Steve got it. I was told I just had to watch this great show. After watching the first 3 seasons of manufactured ‘terrorists’, I just about gagged when I found out it was vindictive Turks that wanted to bring down America in season 4.
Oh sure, “mid-eastern countries’ are mentioned….but are falsely accused. I know its off the air (and I’m kinda glad) but this show was lauded by many people. I’m kinda glad I never watched it when it was on.

Now if I could only get that time back…

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