January 26, 2011

Eric Marcus is playing rough...

RACINE – “While the mayor was deciding what to bet on a Packer’s victory in the Super Bowl with Illinois mayors and President Obama in Washington, here in Racine more people lost their jobs, more homes went into foreclosure, and more people worried about whether they will be next,” according to Alderman Eric Marcus, candidate for Mayor of Racine.

Homes are being rehabbed with Federal funds by the lowest bidding workers without concern about qualifications and without ensuring those workers live in Racine. One concerned employee was suspiciously fired within a day of reporting violations.

The Village of Caledonia is seriously considering buying more of its water from Oak Creek. Its contract with Racine ended eight years ago. If we do not keep this business, you can expect your water rates to rise significantly beyond the 15.5% already requested this year and jobs will be lost. The Becker-Dickert administrations have not placed a priority on resolving the issue choosing to make a “final offer” and then walking away from the table.

The labor force and number of people employed has dropped from August to November and hundreds have quit looking for work according to the Workforce Development Department yet John Dickert touts decreasing unemployment. Anyone can decrease the unemployment percentage by decreasing the workforce. What we need is new industry, new business and new jobs.

At least the mayor was able to get a taste of just how hard it is to do business in Racine. While he was away in Washington it turned out that he had failed to get an occupancy permit for his own campaign office even though he had staff working there. If walking from his office to the building department is hard imagine how tough it is to build a business here.

The mayor proposed a 1% tax increase which became a 2.7% tax increase the next day when he realized his math was wrong. What the mayor didn’t address was top heavy City Hall management and new ways of more effectively serving the people of the City.

“Eighteen months ago you promised us a plan, we never got one – just pie-in-the-sky wishes without any support. There’s nothing different in Racine since you were elected except more people are hurting. I have told the people of Racine what I will do in my first ten minutes in office and what they can expect from me in the first 90 days. What are you going to do that will make a difference in our citizens’ life and why haven’t you done it?” said Marcus.

Welcome home John Dickert – perhaps you can find time to address our problems.

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