December 29, 2010

Your Packer Pro Bowlers

As Obama focuses on....

As Obama focuses on the economy global warming, I thought we should take a look back at the lies of AlGore and the global warming crowd.

But then facts don't matter when you are pushing an agenda.

Racine Mayoral Update

Racine Alderman Eric Marcus is collecting signatures for a run for Mayor.

Update: Penny Sharp has thrown her hat in the ring as has someone named Alfonso Locke whom I have never heard of before.

I know Eric and Penny, they are both persons of high charachter.  I am not slighting Mr. Locke here we have simply never met.


That's the fine Brent Favre will pay for "failing to cooperate with a probe into allegations that he sent inappropriate messages and photos to a sports-television personality employed by the New York Jets".

Brent made $1,000,000 for not even holding a clip board on the side lines last night.

I'm sure he learned his lesson.

This will make you appreciate....

New York's snow removal failure really makes you appreciate the services here.

Documented alien with questions.

If I choose not to pay my taxes, can I just say that I want to be an undocumented taxpayer?
If I choose to sell cocaine, heroin or pot can I be called an undocumented pharmacist?
If I choose not to get a driver’s licence, cant I just be an undocumented driver?

If I choose not to buy health insurance that the Federales mandated on the people of this country, cant I just be an undocumented citizen?

Tell me, how is this different?

December 28, 2010

Ah the gift that keeps on giving...

I refer of course to global warming.

Only in ennviro whacko land in the span of a week can you have claims of children never seeing a white christmas and big snowfalls each blamed on global warming.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, never have people who have been so wrong so often been taken so seriously.

Badgers win National Football Championship?

Steve has it figured out.

Milwaukee County Thug Rule...

Has Begun.

Guess the number


UPDATE: Chris from Racine nailed it, debt per person in the US for this Congress.  More than every other Congress that came before them, combined.

Remember the "Rent is too damned high" guy?

He's back.

December 27, 2010

MRQ reindeer games

conspiracy nuts known as “Woofers”  Doug
let’s see if this sets the mood  Shoebox
a Festive Holiday Hat.  Tom
Just to see what it’s like  Trog
more stressed than usual Kate
you just can't buy class.  CFR
I’ll hold the chickens  Bussorah
a piece of crap. Owen
I just couldn’t help my self  Ric
are you suuuuuure it's really chocolate  Sta'Cee
I have a few friends   Frank
 I win.  Dipity
check for breathing every night  Jimi
spray-on wrapping paper.  Aaron
my pics are safe  CFR
I have to go to the bathroom!  Raydene
crying from a dream  Holly
Rough evening ahead  Wigdy
expecting presents  Kate
reindeer games  Nancy
take our relationship to the next level  Carrie
you can't rush toast   Keith
give it to the annoying teenager  Wigdy
I dont want to talk to anyone  Patrick
Slowly?   Egg
I was a good boy   TAB
Flat=good  Dean
 the Ooga Oooga chant Peter
Monday is winning  Dipity
Can I borrow somebody's brand new Lexus  Tom

Drinking Right Party Update!

In their infinite wisdom the NFL has moved this Sunday's Packer game.

Accordingly we will adjust the starting time of the Drinking Right Christmas party from noon to 2:30 pm.

Spread the word folks.