November 13, 2010

There's no inflation... No COLA Adjustments....

But there is money for high speed rail and your Thanksgiving turkey is going to cost 20% more than last year.

Guess the number


573.  The number of push ups Bucky had to do today after the Badgers put up 83 on Indiana

Let's Help out our Emperor's understanding a little!

As Emperor Obama pretends to work on helping US jobs by visiting India and Indonesia etc. I ran across the article in the link. Apparently young Barry Hussien Obama was not listening in class when he was in Muslim school as a boy. The following excerpt from one of his speeches shows his TOTAL lack of understanding of Jihad and where his bias lies on religion...

(begin excerpt): Muslim leaders around the world are pleased with Obama’s remark about jihad and Islam: “Well, the phrase jihad has a lot of meanings within Islam. It is subject to lot of different interpretations. But I will say that first Islam is one of the world's great religions and over a billion people practice Islam." (end excerpt)

The article CLEARLY illustrates that Jihad for a Muslim means KILL Christians and Jews at any opportunity.

What are we to conclude from his remarks? When push comes to shove, Emperor Obama will show his bias and he’ll side with Muslims. Not with Americans who are (for the moment anyway) mostly Non-Muslim.

There are 19 primary religions in our world and 33% of the people are "Christian Faiths" and 19.3% are "Islam". I would remind the Emperor that over 2 billion practice the Christian religions - a few more than his 1 Billion Muslim's figure.

Why does the Emperor continually talk about the greatness of Islam and never about the greatness of the Christain faith? He "claims" to be a Christian yet seldom talks about it in a positive way in his speeches about the US. From this we must conclude that he is ashamed of his Christian faith when he fails to make time to mention how great his Christian faith is? Or is it just more of his faking it for votes and support when he claims to be Christian?

Make no mistake - Jihad does not have "many interpretations". Those of the Muslim faith who have declared a Jihad against the US have only one goal in mind - rid the world of all non-muslim infidels any way they can.

Caption this bad parent of the year nominee


November 12, 2010


So I have a couple of conversations with my socialist, we-should-be-more-like-Britain boss. I’ll present it in conversation format. I will be ‘ME’, he will be ‘SB’ – socialist boss.


SB: do you believe that dim-whit Walker – going to Fla. & Ariz. trying to talk people into retiring here? What a dim-whit!
ME: well, it would be nice not to have my SS (which I am on) taxed since I haven’t had a COLA in 3 years, but the insurance keeps going up!
SB: you still wouldn’t want to stay because it’s too cold!
ME: That may be true, but its making me want to leave faster. Its not an enticing factor, especially if I had grandkids up here.


ME: good lord insurance has gone up
SB: well, of course
ME: what are you talking about? I thought insurance was supposed to go down?! It has more than tripled for me because of all the new regulations, some companies have just decided to either jack their rates or get out of the biz.
SB: if you believe that, I’ve got some swamp land in florida….
ME: you cannot be serious! You think they are just jacking up their rates for the money and nothing else? SB, I spent about 2and a half hours in the insurance ladies office just going over my new options!
SB: of course its only about the money. The regulations only help.

I wondered to myself if he will be saying that next year when his 25yo son – who lives at home, and is still covered by his mom’s insurance – is not covered anymore.

People like this exist, and they vote. Stay vigilant.

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Definition of Insanity

Milwaukee County edition.

November 11, 2010

This could get nasty...

There could be a huge chocolate shortage looming...

Good Dog!

Say it isn't so...

Running an electric car costs more than a fuel guzzling one?

Who is shocked?

This headline says it all about the "leadership" -- or complete lack thereof -- of the current Apologizer/Idiot-in chief.
The story just emphasizes it.

What a disgrace this man is.
Its a stark contrast to the men and women in our armed forces who say "I'll do it. I'll fight for you."

Thank you to all veterans: past, present, and future.

Our Thanks Veterans

November 9, 2010

7 million shades of awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alvin Greene is considering a Presidential run!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Prince Harry warns the GOP - "Don't obstruct"

Let's hear it for Prince Harry!! What a leader, what a visionary!! What a unifyer!! Forever consistent and consistently wrong.

Before we get too far along let's remember the definition of terms here:
From the Left -- Obstruction = anytime you question or disagree with my liberal progressive socialist agenda.
From the Left -- Compromise = when you give in to what I want and I don't have to give you anything in return.

Reality -- Stopping or blocking bad legislation is not obstruction it is doing government right.
Reality -- Compromise is when the total package is good for the country and is not overloaded with earmarks and other junk not related to the core of the legislation.

There is no doubt in my mind that the 2011 -2012 congress will be challenging & interesting. Will the conservatives manage to get our country back on the track of doing government right? I hope so, but only time will tell.

We have only just begun . . . .

You have got to be kidding me.

Smiles everyone, smiles.

Welcome, welcome to Smuggle Island

A Darwin award winner....

In Brookfield of all places... He was just visiting

November 8, 2010

An agenda for Wisconsin.

I've had a request to create a list of what Republicans should do with their new majority in Wisconsin.  I know this has been done in other places but seeing as this was a request I'll be happy to honor it.

I'll start:

Require a photo ID to vote.
Repeal the requirement for a photo ID to buy Sudafed
Require a photo ID to vote.
Repeal combined reporting.
Pass a law repealing the authority of unelected boards to pass tax increases.
Repeal minimum mark up.
Pass concealed carry.

Your turn....

Democrats move quickly when they want to...

And slowly when they want to.

Guess the number game



16,352 Muslim terrorist attacks since 911...

Concern by Folkbum?  Zero.

Today is the one year anniversary to the terrorist attack at Ft. Hood.

MRQ Kind Of A Big Deal

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November 7, 2010


Defensive player of the year?

Garbage In

Garbage Out.

Ummm, Amanda, you are confused.

There was a story in The Racine Journal Times today about how Racine voted Democrat as always but they were surrounded by Republican votes. 

The newspaper dutifully went out and got quotes from Democrats concerned about the coming Republican horde...  One of them really stood out.

"If Republicans repeal health care, I'll have no chance of having health care," said Amanda Lawrence, 40, who lives in northern Racine. "I cannot afford it."

She works two jobs as a sales representative and a massage therapist. She also cleans in the summer. But with two teenagers, she cannot afford the extra cost of insurance, she said.

I hate to break it to Amanda but since the newspaper didn't someone has to.  Obamacare is not going to provide you with insurance.  Obamacare is going to mandate that you buy insurance.  Obamacare will also make that insurance more expensive than it is now.  In fact if you don't buy that more expensive insurance that you can not afford Obamacare will fine you.  If you can not afford to pay that fine, Obamacare will throw you in jail.

But you just go ahead and keep voting for those Democrats....

She's baaaaaaaaaaack.

Miss J returns...

Obama = Keynesian?