October 29, 2010

White House to Wisconsin.

Feingold is toast.

NRA Style Pumpkin Carving

More Arizona Vote Shennanigans...

This time it is the SEIU.


No class...

Why don't leftists have any class?  No respect at all for our country, our traditions, or their fellow citizens.

Wisconsin Sample Ballots

If you would like to see a sample ballot for your area click this link.

Advisory Referendum on Tuesday.

Racine County, there will be an advisory referendum on the ballot on Tuesday concerning transit.

Should any new tax to support transit or rail services, such as a sales tax or local vehicle registration fee, be permitted in any part of Racine County?
I'll be voting no.

Voter Intimidation...

Union thug style.

More vote fraud.

It is becoming clearer the left thinks the only chance they have is to cheat.

Another Soros "Republicorp" Operative...

This one has taken to choking people.

October 28, 2010

Vote Fraud Primer...

A former ACORN employee breaks it down.

Ethics question.

Candidate A sends out a mailer promoting Candidate B (a third party person) in order to siphon votes away from Candidate C without revealing it was Candidate A funding the effort.

Is this:

A) A Wisconsin Republican
B) An Illinois Democrat
C) Both of the above
D) None of the above.

Yes, I know, too easy....

All too easy..



A genetic problem.

Vote Fraud

Absentee style in Daytona.  This is how the left does it.

Every legal vote cast and counted ONCE.

UPDATE: Add Philly

October 26, 2010

I hope this election...

is within the margin of left-wing cheating.

It is so windy that__________________

Russ Feingold couldn't hold onto anyone else's wallet.

Jay Cutler intercepted his own pass.

John Malan didn't even bother with his hair piece.

You try...

Now the Democrats want 1% of your money...

Every time you do anything with it.

Throw the thieves out of office

Democrats cheat.

This one admits it.

The most partisan President in my lifetime.

We don't mind the Republicans joining us. They can come for the ride, but they gotta sit in back.

Seriously?  This is Mr. I can bring the country together?  All he has done in his tenure is push his will and insult his opponents.

Time to take out the trash.

October 25, 2010

Wind Storm Warning...

You might want to bring in your yard signs until this blows over...

Unless of course they say Barrett or Feingold, those are specially designed to withstand the weather....

Your average Smart Car? See the decal?

Hey, I saw Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid campaigning today.

Racine TEA Party Release: Spending Revolt Bus Tour

Spending Revolt Bus Rolls Across Wisconsin
Mobile Activist Hub Stops in Racine, Lake Geneva, Dodgeville to Tackle Government Spending Crisis

A recent report from the Congressional Budget Office found that federal spending has risen a staggering 21.4 percent over the last two years, as the economy continues to struggle and nearly 15 million Americans remain jobless.  To raise awareness about this looming crisis, the Spending Revolt National Bus Tour has logged over 25,000 miles in the last three months, holding more than 200 rallies, town hall meetings, and bus signing events in 26 states.

On Thursday, Oct. 28, the red and blue emblazoned Spending Revolt Bus will roll through southern Wisconsin, holding rally and bus signing events in Racine, Lake Geneva, and Dodgeville.  Through events like these, the Spending Revolt coalition – made up of taxpayers, families, business owners, and policy organizations – is working to educate citizens about how mounting federal spending is jeopardizing America’s future, and engage them in taking action against this reckless spending. 

The federal government is currently spending $112,000 every second.  This amounts to $67 million in the 10 minutes needed to take a shower and more than $1 billion in the 162 minutes that the average American spends watching television each day.  The national debt has ballooned to more than $13 trillion, and America’s debt is now projected to surpass GDP by 2012 – placing the U.S. closer to the crushing debt load that has engulfed Greece.

America faces a severe spending crisis that is rapidly bankrupting our nation,” said a coalition statement.  “Current spending levels are unsustainable, irresponsible, and negligent – and show that Washington is failing in its responsibility to safeguard the people’s resources.  We need real, permanent, and immediate spending reform in Washington to protect the economic security of all Americans.  We will fight for the taxpayers of Wisconsin and across America to stop this reckless spending.”

            WHAT:           Spending Revolt National Bus Tour — Rally & Bus Signing Events
            WHEN &        Thursday, Oct. 28, 2010
            WHERE:        Racine
                                     Monument Square, Main & 5th Streets, Racine, WI 53403
                                    *Speakers:   Tim Phillips, President, Americans for Prosperity
                                                          Grover Norquist, President, Americans for Tax Reform                                                              Paul Kern, WRJN morning radio host
                                                          Dr. Traci Purath, neurologist

Visit Spending Revolt online at www.spendingrevolt.comSpending Revolt is a broad coalition of taxpayers, families, women, business owners, and policy organizations committed to real and permanent spending reform in Washington.  The coalition is composed of organizations such as Americans for Prosperity, The Council for Citizens Against Government Waste (CCAGW), Concerned Women for America, the 60 Plus Association, and Americans for Tax Reform. 

Racine TEA Party Local Contacts:
Nancy Milholland 262-994-0894
Lora Halberstadt 262-939-0175

Caption This

Ron Johnson in Racine.

Hey Racine, if you'd like to have an opportunity to meet Wisconsin's next Senator you might want to stop in at the Racine Victory Center at 4 p.m. this Wednesday the 27th of October.

Teacher banned from teaching for Incompetence!

How can this be? A teacher banned from teaching for not doing the job??

How many of us can come up with names of teachers who would get a pink slip if this became the norm in our US educational system?

It looks like at least something in England worked right. Here's an idea -- Copy this practice instead of copying all the Socialistic ideals from European countries our current regime is working so hard to accomplish.

Do ya think Arne Duncan would consider championing this idea? Only in my dreams of a better education system in the US would that be possible.

Now, before all you lefties get all bent out of shape -- I am NOT saying all public teachers need to be banned, but it is time we hold them accountable for the results of their teaching efforts and tie their paycheck to those results!

Special Edition Drinking Right / Leah Vukmir fund raiser.

Yes Tuesday the 26th isn't our regular Drinking Right night but then again these are not regular times!

Stop in for a special pizza fund raiser for Leah Vukmir from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. at Papa's, 7718 W Burleigh St., Milwaukee, WI

See you there!

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