October 9, 2010

The Movie Game

How many can you get without Googling?

  • This concludes our broadcast day.  
  • I'm a graduate of the University of Rangoon The Cannonball Run
  • I'd like to try being Porky Pig.
  • this was like wiffle ball
  • I could have been killed and you're drinking!?!  Romancing the Stone
  • The keyboard? How quaint!   Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
  • If you're thirsty, a drink will cure it. If you're not, a drink will prevent it.
  • Nibble yer bum?
  • He fights for the users.   Tron
  • if everyone is thinking the same thing, someone is not thinking

October 6, 2010

Donate to Ron Johnson's Money Bomb.

Tip The Scales of Power TODAY! Donate to Ron Johnson's Money Bomb.

While the Washington liberals, like Russ Feingold, have passed dangerous and irresponsible laws, there is good news: we have the opportunity to Tip The Scales of power back toward common-sense and all of the momentum is on our side!  Ron Johnson is leading Senator Feingold in 8 of the last 8 polls, including a new Rasmussen poll in which we are leading by 12. 

Let's keep it going!

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Who are the radicals?

These people would have you believe

That this is a "radical"

And their willing allies in the media go right along with them....

Why did I just see the Feingold NFL ad?

His campaign said they would comply with the NFL.

Oh wait, they lied, got it, thanks.

These warmers are out of control.

In their latest ad they are hanging a child.

October 5, 2010


Sorry folks, I was a bit swamped last night and never got around to putting together Monday Random Quotes.  So I give to you an abbreviated Tuesday Random Quotes:

hard at work.  Kate
hard to ignore.  Patrick
LOVE it.  Owen
hippie punching.  Dad29
bare legs and mini-shorts  Blue
responsible for something.  Elliot
your average moonbat  Steve
A rainbow to end.  Drew
I consider ass-kicking  Egg
now with glowing marshmallows  Trog
put me down for $20  Wigdy

Didja notice?

The JSOnline article that reports the City of Milwaukee has passed the number of homicides from last year already this year is not allowing comments?

I wonder why?

It couldn't be to protect their guy Mayor Barrett could it?  Mr. I've Made Milwaukee safer?

Feingold flagged for excessive piracy.

15 Yard Penalty Excessive Piracy
Russ Feingold has a new ad out.  As he has done before Feingold is using licensed material without the expressed written consent of the owner of that material, this time though he screwed around with the NFL instead a local newscast.  (Did you notice how Feingold keeps using the (I) word instead of the (D) word?)

Feingold was bragging about this ad yesterday at the Racine GOTV rally.  I have video of him here, he thinks it is cute to steal material you are not entitled to apparently.

I can assure you Senator no one thinks this race is over yet and we on the right are more energized than ever to send you to the unemployment line.  And only when that is done will we allow ourselves an end zone dance.

Yes Russ you are the #1 anti business senator in Washington but you are in the top 8 for special interest money for your union overlords.

Where's Russ?

Wisconsin is a manufacturing state; So why did Russ Feingold and Herb Kohl score below 30% on key manufacturing votes?

According to the non-partisan National Association of manufacturers, Feingold and Kohl voted against manufacturers and the jobs they create 70% of the time.

Where I come from, 30% is an "F"

Out of work in SE Wisconsin? Thank Feingold and Kohl...

Waiting for the other Superman

The RDW education reporter has arisen from a long posting hiatus to tackle the controversial documentary "Waiting for Superman." It should be noted that I have not yet seen the movie, I have been reading stories and watching various media coverage of the controversial film.

A quick synopsis of this film shows how the public school system is failing urban children. It portrays teachers' unions as a huge component in the failing schools as they make it extremely difficult to fire crappy teachers. The film blames teachers that just go through the motions and do little or nothing to promote high achievement and success. "Waiting for Superman" also chronicles some successful charter schools and their ability to graduate high-performing students.

All of the aspects mentioned above are quite accurate reasons as to why many urban public schools turn out low-performing students. However, the film and media talking heads seem to neglect one of the pink elephants in the room that was full of them. It seems to exonerate the parent(s) of the low-performing students. Somehow the kindergartener who begins her school career with the vocabulary and skill set of a 2 year old is being failed by the system? The sixth-grader who goes home every afternoon and never touches a textbook or anything remotely educational is a result of a flawed public school? The sophomore who decides he is not going to class more than twice a week reflects badly upon the teachers? Wrong on all accounts. Parents who instill no value in education, or in some cases dissuade their kids from appreciating their free knowledge, are the big problem. Perhaps they are the biggest problem.

Bill Gates, Davis Guggenheim, Oprah, Governor Chris Christie, Mayor Cory Booker, and all the other platitude spewing educational saviors, ask yourself this question. If we disolved all teachers' unions, eliminated tenure, fired all the lazy bricks that call themselves teachers, would you find a glut of successful college or career-bound high schoolers? The successful students have one or two things that the problem-students do not. Parents that care.

Don't get me wrong, I am ashamed of and embarrassed by WEAC, the NEA and their ilk. However, let's address all the problems before inciting a pedagogical holy war. Put the primary responsibility where it belongs, in the home.

Pelosi power...

Thou shalt not question it.

Trump to run for President?


Remember kids, I called it first.

October 4, 2010

Democrats Get out the vote rally in Racine 10-4-10

The event was started by my Assemblyman Bob Turner who taught me the proper pronunciation of the word with is apparently wif.  Turner was follow by fellow Assemblyman Cory Mason and State Senator John Lehman.

On a side note Racine Mayor, John Dickert was there.  I heard him on the radio on Friday saying how hard it was to do this year's budget with a brand new $800,000,000 in unfunded mandates.  Somehow he still has not made the connection that he can blame Lehman and Mason for that as they are both on Joint Finance, and of course Bob Turner is always wif them voting for whatever the party tells him to.

Then along came Russ Feingold.

My Observations.  Feingold seems to think that the GOP has peaked too early.  That must be some kind of crystal ball he has, from my experience exactly the opposite is true.  Feingold keeps talking about how he is the underdog and is being outspent.   Seems to me I see 4 Feingold ads for every Johnson ad.  We'll see in the end.  Feingold apparently saw some super secret new polling that made him stand proud and tall.  Keep relying on those non likely voters Russ.

Feingold also seems convinced that the entire reason businesses have moved some jobs to other countries is because of NAFTA & GATT.  (Both trade agreements signed by a Democrat President, Bill Clinton)

As I mentioned earlier today Feingold can't be bothered to consider the actions of his union pals or the awful laws he supported as having anything to do with job loss.  Feingold also touted a #1 ranking of being free of business interests.  Yep, he's the most anti business Senator in the US and he is proud of that fact.

If you look at how much money Senator Feingold pulls from unions though he suddenly soars to the top 10.

Building Trades #4
Industrial Unions #2
Transportation Unions #8
Public Sector Unions #8
Misc. Unions #8

It would seem to me the obvious conclusion is that the only jobs Senator Feingold is concerned with are union jobs.  Oh well, the 70 or so loyal Democrats, mostly seniors, almost all white, loved him.

And of course Russ Feingold is very proud of ignoring the will of Wisconsin voters in being the deciding vote on Obamacare.

Go ahead and make your own conclusions.

Another Big Wet Sloppy Kiss

Another massive payoff to the unions from their loyal Democrat minions.

Meanwhile I went to the Russ Feingold rally in Racine on my lunch hour today, he blames NAFTA & GATT for jobs heading overseas... Couldn't have anything to do with crap like this could it Russ?

I'll have video from the Feingold event later.


October 3, 2010

Barrett's strategy.

Lie his fanny off

Hello, I'm Tom Barrett and you should vote for me because I'm lying about my opponent.

Yeah, that'll work.

Is it November yet?

The left

The left has lost their grip on reality.

Caption The Bacon Kevin Bacon

H/t Gizmodo

Reporting from the Socialism Rally...

Chris and Kate were in DC yesterday and they have some pictures and thoughts up about the trash in DC yesterday and all the grabage the trash left behind.

Photo , Blue

They came up a bit short, amazingly they still claimed they had more than the Restoring Honor rally.  No surprise given the lies of the left.