September 17, 2010

Bffs 4evah

Harry Reid & Lady Gaga?

Who 'dat?, sU... Edition

So I figured that we all needed a small break from election coverage....

***UPDATE: And here I thought I was the only one living under a rock. Guess not. Well, here's your answer.

Prince Harry Strikes again!!

Are you as tired of federal legislators attaching totally unrelated measures to important bills as I am? Prince Harry's latest "maneuver" to add the "DREAM" Act to the defense funding bill is another one of these instances where "playing politics" has gotten out of hand. Are we to allow our troops to have funding delayed or stalled by this type of nonsense? It's time to get the message to our representatives that it is time to change how they operate and go back to having important legislation stand on it's own merits and stop adding to bills items that are totally unrelated to the core goals of the primary bill. here's a site that reveals the truth about the content and dangers of this legislation and why it could never stand on it's own, and why Price Harry has to use this type of sneak tactic to buy votes in November.

How come government run health care

Always winds up costing more than anticipated?

September 15, 2010


Go look at the inventory of items for sale that the Koss embezzler bought with her stolen money...

This woman spent so much time shopping when did she have time to steal?

The most ethical Congress ever, part I lost count.

The con that is global warming is coming to light...

Read The Meltdown of the Climate Crisis.

An excerpt:

Al Gore and many other warming alarmists have insisted that "the debate is over" -- that the science was "settled." That claim is now in shreds -- though the grants are still flowing, and advocates still hope Congress will pass some version of the economically ruinous "cap and trade" anti-warming bill.

What does the best evidence now tell us? That man-made global warming is a mere hypothesis that has been inflated by both exaggeration and downright malfeasance, fueled by the awarding of fat grants and salaries to any scientist who'll produce the "right" results.

The warming "scientific" community, the Climategate emails reveal, is a tight clique of like-minded scientists and bureaucrats who give each other jobs, publish each other's papers -- and conspire to shut out any point of view that threatens to derail their gravy train.

Such behavior is perhaps to be expected from politicians and government functionaries. From scientists, it's a travesty.

Putting people to work by taking People to work

The Unions Object.

Update on the Pedro Colon story.

The Journal has shut off comments on the story, Doyle, Colon or Barrett must have complained.


DRQ (Drinking Right Quotes)

I've seen the hot tub. Sue

I like it when their nose touches their shoulder. Gravelle

Can I be your shoulder? Fred

Where's the hat? CFR, Still Unreal, Patrick, Fred, Mrs RDW, The Chad

Are you ready? Dickie

I know a few liberals. Dipity

I'll hold him down. Corey

People make fun of you. Spammy

I don't talk. CFR

Deeply saddened. Egg

Nail your ass. Fred

He looks like Lady Gaga. The Chad

My brain is a sieve. CFR

I let him touch me once. Patrick

Fire, fire, fire. Fred

You're fired, Egg

What does Governor Doyle do...

...with washed up unethical partisan hacks?

Why he gives them a cushy job as a Judge of course.

September 13, 2010

"Name the name.", said Tom Barrett

More vote fraud.

A drop in the bucket...

MRQ suffering through liberal thought processes

Bucky's head. Althouse

speak indecipherable English Mme Zoltar

coming to Barney’s rescue Toldjah

preferably naked Aaron.

suffering through liberal thought processes Trog

the "Beer Goggle" hypothesis Steve

I'm going to delete it. Elliot.

Should really restrain himself. Wigdy

an attack so thin you could fly a paper airplane through it Aaron

you crafty bastard. SER


blushing CFR

Exposed Toldja

in BIG trouble FF

The Snuggie has jumped the shark. Shoebox

just broke apart. Dipity

computer-aided dance moves Christian

hoist one for you TAB

I don't like EvilBirds. BadgerBlogger

back on my s list. Deibert

breaking twitter Jones

trust the *people*. Wigdy

beer and packed meat Egg

don't shave or shower Pdigaudio

I know gross. CandidCarrie

Drinking Right Primary Election Returns Edition

What you thought all the cool kids would be at Scott Walker's party?
7 pm until the crying is over.

The Egg-Man

Rocking the fedora at Blogcon.

Nobody burned anything....

Yet 15 practitioners of the religion of peace just rioted themselves to death.

How the heck did I miss this one?


How about that...

Jonah Goldberg loved Racine, but Wigdy didn't laugh at his jokes.

Referendum Question.

Racine County residents will face the following referendum question at the primary tomorrow. I'll be voting yes.

Should the Wisconsin Constitution be amended to prohibit any further
transfers or lapses from the segregated transportation fund?

Racine TEA Party Candidate Questionnaire

These documents are candidate questionnaires put out by the Racine TEA Party. Only those candidates who responded are listed. There are some additional questions that did not fit this format, please read them here.
Please click the surveys to enlarge.

Justin Bieber Injected Into Democrat Politics.

He's 'ya know, too young and too Canadian, but, look we really need to people to vote. We're desperate here!

September 12, 2010



What the crowd left behind at the Racine TEA Party...

Racine TEA Party Lou D'Abraccio

Racine TEA Party Krista Branch

Racine TEA Party Questions From The Crowd

Racine TEA Party Congressman Paul Ryan

Racine TEA Party Niger Inis