September 11, 2010

Racine TEA Party Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen

Racine TEA Party Mark Block & Vicki McKenna

Lora Halberstadt Statement on Mark Neumann TEA Party Claim.

I’m extremely disappointed in Congressman Neumann’s latest stunt.

Yesterday, I received an email from Mark Neumann with the subject line: "Tea Party Backs Neumann!" As a proud organizer of a TEA Party group, I am highly offended by Neumann’s false claim. Mark Neumann is not endorsed by a TEA Party group, and I’m disappointed by his attempt to claim our movement as his own.

The TEA party is about taking our government back, and electing true conservatives who we know share our values of lower taxes, limited government, and more freedom, and who have a record to prove it.

That’s why I’m supporting Scott Walker on Tuesday, and so are an overwhelming amount of TEA party activists across Wisconsin.

Most TEA Party groups do not endorse candidates, and do not intend to. We are individuals in a movement, not a political party.

I do intend to vote for Scott Walker on Tuesday. Especially now.

Lora Halberstadt
TEA Party Organizer

Racine TEA Party Pastor David King 9-11-10

Racine TEA Party Intro & Tribute

Racine TEA Party Pics

Remembering Lt. Edward Alexander D'Atri

This is a repost from 9/11/2006.

We are honored here at RDW to participate in a national movement among bloggers to recognize individually the 2,996 fallen of the attack on our country on 9-11-2001.

Each participating blog was assigned an individual to honor, we were assinged the 2,000th designee, Lt. Edward Alexander D'Atri.

Lt. Edward Alexander D'Atri was a veteran New York City firefighter, he was enjoying a day off when he heard what happened at the World Trade Center. He thought nothing of himself but hurried to join his fellow firefighters where he perished in the World Trade Center Collapse.

This man was a hero in every sense of the word...

He left a wife, Linda, and two young sons, A.J. and Michael, behind. I know they are proud of their father's sacrifice.The following comments were left on various message boards by his friends, family and those his life touched.

Dear Family of Edward D'Atri, Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and that I carry a bracelet with Eddie's name and squad 1 with me in my car. I'm one of a few D'Atri's left on Long Island and until 9/11, was unaware of possible relatives in Staten Island. I currently reside in Rockville MD., but my two brothers, sister and mother live on Long Island. My nephew's name by coincidence, is Edwardo D'atri. We have one D'atri cousin who lives in Florida. I have been meaning to contact you through St. Charles for some time, but I wanted to give you time for healing. I think of Eddie and all the firefighters and police as our nations heroes. Their courage and bravery will never be forgotten.

God Bless, Jean Ann D'Atri Larkin

Mayor Guliani mentioned Eddie's name in his book...of all all the firefighters he mentioned 10 total not for any other reason, but it was part of his days during that period.... but from what I can read here, firefighter D'atri was one hell of a guy...strong loving caring professional/ a good father/son/buddy/friend...etc...I sometimes still pickup the New York Times 9/11 bio book and read about people who perished...the stories are so many wonderful people..... they inspire me cause the love the gave and the love they received can only be explained in heaven....

I didn't know Mr. D'Atri but I can say I proudly danced for him in honor of my school. Commack High school dedicated a dance to 9/11 and we each were given a name of a hero lost, and mine was Edward. I always wished I could do more for his family, and if you read this please let me know if I can. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of him, I can't imagine the loss your feeling but I can say, I'm extremely sorry you have to go through this. "We lost many bodies on earth that day but we gained many angels in the sky, especially you Edward." May God watch over you and your family.

In my family there are many who share the names of Edward (3 generations living) and my father and nephew were Alexander. I did not know Edward D'Atri personally, but because my uncle and my father carried his name I have felt close to his family. We D'Atris are proud to carry this noble name, and proud of my grandfather, Umberto, who was the first of our family to immigrate to the US from Italy. (Ellis Island Wall of Immigrants, 1903 immigrated) I know Edward Alexander D'Atri was a hero, and if any member of his family sees this message, please know our prayers have been with you. May the sons of Edward D'Atri be blessed, and always be proud of the heroism their father will always be remembered for. May God bless all your family.


Eddie D'Atri was a hero, but he was a hero every day of his life. He was passionate about being a fireman and everything else he involved himself in. Eddie has two beautiful sons, A.J. and Michael. He lived for them, and we know that they are missing him terribly. Eddie wasn't working that fateful day, but when he heard the World Trade Center had been hit by a plane he ran to them, immediately looked for his Squad 1 and did what he always did, heroically and courageously did his job. Did he know that he would become an American Hero that day? Probably not! But he will always be remembered as one of America's Heroes. Eddie was one of four of our family members who were firemen the morning of 9/11. The evening of 9/11, we had only one of those firemen alive. We mourn them all. Eddie we will miss you. Love, Papa and Barbara

I can't believe how many people's lives Eddie touched. WEll... yes I can. He really was a great guy, with an even greater heart. And I miss his Barney Rubble laugh (ah hee hee hee) along with that smile that could light up the darkest corners of any room. I feel truly honored to have known him personally. To Eddie's sons: I'm so sorry for your loss. He truly loved you guys more than life itself. I know he's watching over you. All of you are in my heart and prayers, always. God Bless

To the family and loved ones of Ed D'atri. I just wanted to say that I could remember first seeing Ed when I was 15 years old working out at Ed and Ken's Hard Bodies gym on Forest Ave.. I remember what a great looking guy Ed was and how fit he was as well. One thing that I remember working out at that gym, was that many of the other guys who were also body builders at that gym were always rude, but not Ed. Although I didn't know him personally, he was always pleasant and kind. I want Ed's children to know that their dad was a true hero. At 15 years old, I thought that Ed looked like Superman, little did I know back then that he really was Superman.

The definition of hero (according to A man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.

They should put Lt. Edward Alexander D'Atri's picture next to that definition.

We honor him for his bravery and self-sacrifice.

September 10, 2010

Just in case you missed it...

Pay attention bureaucrats, what happens when Obama's stash runs dry?

Hey, Diva made the newspaper!

Lisa of Caledonia Unplugged and her best pal Diva at the Scott Walker event in Union Grove yesterday.
I'm proud to say I know all three!

Let me get this straight.

Scott Walker does an ad, "Fighter", where he wears boxing gloves and the left goes completely out of their minds. The Olberdork names Walker the Worst Person in the world, dutiful media zombies publish the outrage across the country. All because this is some secret cerebral attack on Tom Barrett who was in a fight a year removed. Don't believe me, check 'da Google.

Now camp Barrett release an ad directly attempting to take advantage of the same incident for political purposes including a greusome photo of Barrett after he was beaten.

This is really a terrible ad, will the left see the hypocrisy in this? Of course not.

Have you ever seen the Egg-Man

This happy?

Mr. Wigderson slaps down the leftosphere.

The left wing nuts are out with another ridiculous attack on Ron Johnson, Wigdy hands them their hats.

September 9, 2010

President Bolton?

No, not that one.

Downtown Racine Merchants Offering Tax Free Day for TEA Party Attendees

Most downtown Racine merchants will be offering a 5.1% discount on their services this Saturday for TEA party attendees. Ask about it as you shop downtown Racine!

Update on Racine TEA Party Speakers.

UPDATE: No Michelle Malkin either!

Sorry about that folks.

On the burning the Qu’ran thing…

Burning a Qu'ran is a stupid thing to do that will only breed hatred; hatred towards Muslims and hatred from Muslims.

My only wish is that all the voices that were screaming against this were equally upset when our flag or the Holy Bible was defiled in a similar manner.

This falls into the same category as the Ground Zero Mosque. (Yes Folkbum it is a Mosque no matter how many times you wish to scream community center)

Do they have the right to do it? Yes.
Should it be done? No.

September 7, 2010


Neumann can only raise $100 K

An AP report out today on the latest fund raising numbers shows Mark Neumann raised $2.2 million in July and August.

However, $2.1 million came out of his own pocket.

How much interest can there be in a candidate that can't raise any money on his own? Neumann is buying some momentum but he will come nowhere close to winning the primary.

The same report showed Tom Barrett with a lead on Scott Walker in the money race. You would expect that for a candidate without a serious primary opponent and the President showing up twice a month to raise money for him.

Caption This

H/T Dipity

Yep, he has been in charge of the Senate for four years....

And nothing is his fault.

What genetic defect to Democrats have that they can never accept fault for anything?

I blame Scott Walker.

Obama critics talk about him like a dog?

Seriously Barack? Are you that thin skinned?

Where were you when the unhinged left was referring to Cheney as Satan? Referring to Bush as a chimp? Oh yeah, that was just fine with you.

You hypocrite.

Besides I respect my dog a whole lot more than I....

Where will you be this Saturday?

What are two things you can not trust?

Mass transit and unions.

September 6, 2010

2010 Fall Primary Election Guide.

As we approach election day it is important to know who is on your ballot. For brevity I will only be listing statewide contested races and local races of interest in S.E. Wisconsin.

Candidates are listed in the order they will appear on the ballot.

RDW Endorsed candidates will be boldfaced and listed in red.

If there are any particular races of interest please mention them in comments. Above all, vote on September the 14th then come out to Drinking Right on election night and talk about results!

Tim John (D)
Tom Barrett (D)
Scott Paterick (R)
Mark Neumann (R)
Scott Walker (R)
Jim Langer (I)
James James (CS)
(What happened to Jared Christiansen?)

Lieutenant Governor
James Schneider (D)
Tom Nelson (D)
Spencer Coggs (D)
Henry Sanders (D)
Robert Lorge (R)
Dave Ross (R)
Nick Voegeli (R)
Brett Davis (R)
Rebecca Kleefisch (R)
Terry Virgil (L)

State Treasurer
Dan Bohrod (D)
Dawn Marie Sass (D)
Scott Feldt (R)
Kurt Schuller (R)
Jim Sanfillipo (R)

US Senator
Russ Feingold (D)
Stephen Finn (R)
Dave Westlake (R)
Ron Johnson (R)

State Senate District 7
Chris Larson (D)
Jeff Plale (D)
Jess Ripp (R)

State Senate District 21
John Lehman (D)
Bob Gulan (R)
Van Wanggaard (R)

Assembly District 61
Robert Turner (D)
James DeMatthew (D)
George Meyers (L)

Assembly District 62
Cory Mason (D)
Chris Wright (R)
Tony Decubellis (L)

Racine Sheriff
Joseph Buckley (D)
Ron Molnar (R)
Chris Schmaling (R)
Gonzalo Gonzalez (R)
Jeffrey Gerreitts (I)

MRQ increasingly unhinged

I know better than you. Deekaman
buy cheap beer. Dan.
Wisconsin news from a Tennessite Trog
Show me the money. Van Helsing.
You should have kept your mouth shut, sir. lumberjack
Gimme gimme gimme. Ric
swat with a brick. Aaron.
enough to almost fill a pair of Gore’s pants Doug
what be that Steve
come out. Mary
2 out of 3 Bats. Kate
cheer me out. CFR
watching Jersey Shore. Corey
haunts me in my sleep. Bruce
stay in bed all day. Shoebox
a bunch of schmoops. Dipity
your secret lover will walk up behind you. Chris
teensy but obsessive. Samdham
increasingly unhinged. Tom
fresh tube meat. TAB
hackcoughhackchoke Radish
let it go bankrupt Dean
i do make housecalls Hohner
bun warmers. Jones
Maybe I'm pregnant. Wigdy
more full of s**t than the Milwaukee harbor after a 3-day rainstorm. Egg