September 4, 2010

September 3, 2010

Summer of Recovery

The summer of recovery.

Unemployment is up again.

This must be so....... unexpected.

Remember Steven Rattner?

You will.

Wait until you see how the left tries to destroy him.

Deek nails this one.

Why is Obama unpopular?

A stunning disconnect from reality

Mark Neumann is flooding Wisconsin with ads about negative campaigning.

Neumann did turn off his negative attacks a couple of weeks ago as they were not working for him.

Now he wants to try and play pious and beat up Walker and Barrett for negative ads? Does he not see the fact that this is attack on both of them?

Most importantly does Mark Neumann think that we really don't remember all the mud he has thrown around in this race?

I like it.

She has my vote

September 2, 2010

Do what we say not what we do.

Here is an article from the blogprof about some shenanigans in Detroit.

Mayor Bing's vehicle was found sitting on blocks, and the vehicle driving Jesse Jackson around was stolen.

Ok, so that's Detroit.

But with President Obama's enviro-nut administration telling us what kind of cars we can drive, what kind of cars are these big-time liberals using?

A GMC Yukon Denali for the Mayor, and a Cadillac Escalade for Jesse Jackson.

A pciture like this will not be taken on Labor Day.

Is Feingold in trouble?

According to Steve Kornacki he is.

Of course Kornacki should be ignored because he is the news editor at that bastion of conservative thought,

Is it November Yet?


A day after Obama gets rebuked again on his gulf oil drilling ban another rig suddenly explodes.

This one is a non-producing platform.


Smells fishy to me.

Can you help Annette?

Please visit the website of my friend Annette Miller Krznarich.

Annette is running for the Wisconsin State Senate in the 3rd District against Tim Carpenter. She needs all the help she can get running against an entrenched incumbent like Carpenter.

She is tyring to qualify for some matching funds for her campaign and needs to raise a thousand bucks quick.

There is a fund raiser scheduled for next Tuesday, the 9th of September at the Fin and Feather, 4060 W. Loomis Rd. The proprietor is donating $1 for ever bottle of beer purchased at the fund raiser. Yes, have a beer, help a good cause. How Wisconsin is that?

Can you help?

You go Dr. Ed!

Racine's own Dr. Edward Diehl Ph.D., was published in the Wall Street Journal letters to the editor today.

Good job Doc!

September 1, 2010

About The Discovery Channel nut.

While conservatives point with glee to a left wing enviro-nut in the news today I think we need to the blame where it belongs.

Al Gore, and his cabal of chicken little operatives are trying to push an agenda using scare tactics. Their rhetoric has become obscenely over the top in proclaiming doom and gloom unless immediate changes are made by everyone but them. They of course need their private jets and mammoth homes to spread the "truth" of our impending destruction.

This is certainly not the first act of violence, nor will it be the last, in the name of the environment. Zealots use their blind faith in unproven propaganda as justification of their violence all in the name of Mother Earth.

It is sad really that so many minds have been polluted by the scare tactics of radical environmentalists.

President Obama and his administration must also share a part of the blame in this as he as well has been spreading the same environmental scare tactics.

All those wind jobs Doyle and Barrett are claiming....

They made 'em up.

Didja Notice?

In The Hill's list of the 50 richest leggies, Wisconsin Senator Herb Kohl is absent?

Used Car Prices Up.

I'm sure Obama blames George Bush, Dan Bice will blame Scott Walker.

Truth is everything Obama touches winds up costing more.

By the way, wasn't Obamacare supposed to reduce costs?

Private sector cuts another 10,000 jobs...

There is that unexpected word again.

August 31, 2010

Obama fails to thank Bush on Iraq....

Is anyone actually surprised?

Has there ever been an occupant of the White House with less class?

Some possible good news

from Dr. Tony.

Is it November yet?

Obama on Iraq.

Don't forget folks, he opposed the surge no matter what he tells you.

And the Obama policy in Iraq was to follow the Bush policy on Iraq. In fact he found the the withdrawal of our troops so underwhelming that he could not be bothered on his vacation.

What country is this?

Now Obama is suing Arizona for colleges having too much paperwork for prospective employees to prove they are legally able to work.

Yes, the federal government suing a state over excessive paperwork.

You think they might want to look internally.

More love from the left....

In a vile hating kind of way.

Congratulations Racine.

Your school district just wasted millions more to buy a new building for their offices. Their scheme counts on getting top dollar for their old run down building in a depressed market in a community that already has a glut of unused office space.

You tax dollars at work.

August 30, 2010

MRQ suffering enormously


FIRE! Kate

the tires had smallpox. Althouse

the one I forget Patrick

suffering enormously Elliot

shall I get my wife Steve

risen indeed. Jib

pays attention to criticism. SER

without “murk.” Trog

chowing down on warm shrimp donuts. RDW


Old people are embracing. CFR

be a crank. Corey

a great passion. Spammy

I do it every day! Shoebox

unfair advantage. Nick

leave your hat on. Carrie

a brand new unit. Dipity

looking for tups. Samdham

writing in my name, not yours. KB

nobody's bitch but mine. TAB

We might all die today Patrick

screwed up. Jones

Road Warrior Egg. Egg

Who is in the TEA party?

Go ahead, watch this. Tons of Independents are in the TEA Party, and the more the left denigrates them, the firmer they become in their resolve.

Is it November yet?

Hey, Obama is coming back!

Barack Obama is planning his third trip to Wisconsin in his last 3 vacations!

He must be coming back again so soon because the Democrats polling shows them doing really well in the coming mid-term elections! Adjust your labor day plans accordingly to avoid the fund raising traffic problems.

By the way how come Obama never takes the time to vacation in the Dells or golf at Whistling Straights? Can't you just see the Obamas at Paul Bunyon's breakfast chowing down on warm shrimp donuts?

I have to hand it to my friend Reince Priebus, he put it this way, “If he was speaking at ‘Unemployment Fest’ the crowd would be bigger. And not as happy."

DRQ - Lakefront Edition

It wasn’t good for dick – Kate

She has a knife – Frank

Y’all talk too fast – Kate

10 minutes too early – RDW

X-rated DRQ – CFR

Warm and wet – Mrs. RDW

Cat pervert – Kate

I’m a fruity kinda guy – Mr. CFR

We are a pathetic bunch – Kate

Having issues with the gas – Silent E

What’s up dogfood? – Chad to Sara

Get the job done – Patrick

I went all Ninja on them – CFR

It’s okay, I like unprotected – Nick

I’m female and I’m expensive – Kate

Rotten little kid – Jimi

Do you have wood? - Sarandipity

Bigger than I thought – Jackie

Jimmy don’t play that – James T.

My innocence has been shattered – Kate

P.S. - Now y'all see why we only let Kate back into the state once a year?

License? We don't need no stinking license.

If you are a Democrat running for governor without a license you get to pay for your license avoid fines and continue on your merry way.

If you are a business and let your license lapse you get shut down for 25 days...

Sorry Church & Chapel Funeral Services, you were not paid up with the right people.

Cudahy GOP Office Vandalized.

Has anyone seen Supreme Solar Allah?

SEIU Spellcheck Fail

Bumper Art

Why didn't the national media report this?

Gunshot Shatters Glass Door Of GOP Office