August 20, 2010

This is Tom Barrett's Milwaukee,

A Homeless shelter giving people a warm place to sleep in a cold Milwaukee winter gets shut down for not having the correct permit.

When Tom Barrett opens a campaign office without the proper permit, the fine is waived and the office is allowed to continue to operate.

Kudos to southsider for remembering the homeless center story.

Shame of Dan Bice for being 5 days late to this party and making this out to be no big deal. If this had been Walker it would have been a front page screaming headline.


Why does Tom Barrett want homeless people to freeze to death?

How come Eugene Kane does not call attention to this?

Why did the City not assess the typical $175 per day fine for not having the correct permit?

Why doesn't Dan Bice credit Mark Belling for breaking this story?

If channels 4 & 12 had not run with this story would Dan Bice have written this?

Where is the press release from Mike Tate about how obviously racist the city of Milwaukee is due to their position on homeless people?

How will Zach @ Blogging Blue blame this on Ron Johnson?

Why isn't Nancy Pelosi demanding an investigation into who is funding Tom Barrett's election office?

When will Dan Bice ask why Mayor Barrett gets to skip inspections?

Will Obama cut short his vacation?

People Noticed...

An excellent post on Emerging Corruption from Alan Caruba.

One day after Obama pulls combat troops out of Iraq...

Al Qaeda strikes.

What will Obama do? Other than blame Bush, nothing.

August 19, 2010

You remember that $26 billion to hire teachers?

Yeah, it is not happening.

I know, I know you are stunned!

Is it November yet?

Cheddarsphere 6 Fantasy Football.

I have one opening in our annual trek into the world of Fantasy Football.

If you would like to join please pop me an email at fkd1015 @ and I'll send you an invite.

It is free to play, all it costs is your pride.

Hey, Obama can always give them a bail out...

Yahoo News:

Do Islamic center developers have the funds to build?

An uproar over the planned mosque and community center two blocks from Ground Zero could turn out to be much ado about nothing if the project's backerscan't raise more money and woo the right people in New York's volatile real estate market.

The group has not yet begun fundraising for the $100 million proposed Park51Islamic center, and in 2008 reported a paltry $18,255 in funds, according to Maggie Haberman and Ben Smith at Politico

Local real estate insiders tell the site they are doubtful the project will ever come to fruition in a town where building anything can be tough, even without bad publicity and funding woes.

"The group also lacks even the most basic real estate essentials: no blueprint, architect, lobbyist or engineer — and now operates amid crushing negative publicity," note Smith and Haberman.

But the mosque's developer, Sharif El-Gamal, brushed off the project's unpopularity in an interview with the New York Observer. "I don't give up," he said. "I don't quit. It's just not in my DNA."

I highlight the word mosque for Folkidiot's benefit since he keeps insisting it isn't one. Why on earth would anyone think it is? Maybe because it IS.

Your Queen has spoken...

Rather than finding out where the money for this mosque is coming from, she'd like to see where the money is coming from that is opposing it.

SHOCKER: I agree.

Two tiny little provisos, though:
1. If there is is money "coming in" to oppose this mosque, who's getting it, Your Highness? The will of the people??
2. I say we start these investigations with Mr. Reid and Mr. Dean.

And some of you still don't think something is "fundamentally" changing in the country I love?


**Ok, so it won't let me post a comment, so here it is.
Yes, i am aware she called for "transparency" on the funding of the mosque - while the state dept. pays for the imam's trip to the middle east. so, really, her call for transparency holds the same water as when the BSer-in-chief starts a sentence with "let me be perfectly clear.." and then goes on to re-clarify his stance a half a dozen times.

Unexpected, Surprise...

How many times do we see these words in stories about the Obama economy?

Good news would be a surprise.

The summer of recovery.

Gee I can't wait until the fall of recovey, the summer or recovery sucks.

Fall is a bad word though, they'll probably call it the Autumn of recovery.

Is it November yet?

Further proof Wisconsin Democrats are grasping at anything they can.

Mr. Wigderson has been slumming at Daily Kos.

Strangest Local Story of the Day....

Racine man's beach behavior comes with fine.

The headline writer should have called it a stiff fine.

August 16, 2010

Obama, we have the freedom to practice religion in this country....

Unless we decide you don't.

Tom DeLay cleared.

Don't expect any apologies from the left.

Go ahead, lie, it is for a good cause.

While Barack Obama's hand picked Gubernatorial candidate Tom Barrett pushed for an $800 million train that no one will ride, one liberal blogger admits to lies....

Yglesias wrote more than a year ago that advocates for high-speed rail may need to present “unrealistically optimistic” ridership estimates to obtain government funding for the projects. “For better or for worse, that’s politics,” Yglesias said then.

Read more here.

I've been saying this for years about the proposed KRM line, their ridership estimate works out to an average of 321 riders per train. Ridiculous.

Lie for the cause, the liberal way. The ends always justify the means after all.

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Send in the thugs...

The Dem way.

Harry Reid is finally breaking with Obama.

Nah, he's not worried about his re-election chances.

How is it possible?

That no one got shot?

Time for unions to go away.

Get this one, a Phillie boycott of a new Krispy Kreme for the audacity of allowing non union firms to bid on the project.

Unions have just gone too far. Yet their benefactors with (D)s after their names like that constant stream of cash so they just keep allowing them to get away with their thuggish behavior.