August 14, 2010

Hey! Obama eliminated one his made up Czar positions!

Transparency Czar.

Real or Fake?

Shovel Ready....

Looks like Racine is not quite ready for their stimulus money.

I'm curious....

Is it OK to call them socialists yet?

Come on in the water is fine!

So Barack Obama, and daughter Sasha, took a swim in the Gulf of Mexico today! So much for the worst ecological disaster in US History.

I do have a question.

Do you think President Obama will take a dip in Lake Michigan on Monday for Tom The Polluter Barrett?

A fascinating read.

If you have a few minutes head on over to the Racine Post and read a fascinating post on the inner workings of the Racine branch of the NAACP/

Racine Unified has not laid off any teachers...

They are planning on getting Obama money though, and they plan on adding NEW staff with it.

Ignoring of course the fact that the taxpayers will be stuck with those additional costs for every year to come.

I would advise all of you to find government work. As the left destroys our country with unsustainable long term spending obligations government employees will continue to do far better than those of us in the private economy.

By the way, did you ever notice how so many of the really outspoken left wing bloggers make their livings off of those of us who are not? Seems to me they are just trying to protect their own slice of the pie.

Happens every election cycle.

This time from the fear monger in chief...

Democrats try and scare senior citizens making wild claims about social security

Mr. Obama, your ridiculous spending binge is doing more harm to this country than anything else. I think the people are on to your game.

Is it November yet?

How conveeeeeeenient.

Let's defend the construction of the mosque at ground zero by citing our Constitution
let's sue Arizona for upholding federal law and the borders of the US -- Constitution be damned.
(because nothing says presidential leadership like taking someone to court)

Where am I again?

August 12, 2010

Here we go again.

Another left winger crashing a Republican candidate's event (Rand Paul in this case) just to try to and make the event look racist. This plant was an Obama campaign worker.

Attention Folkbum, do you really still wonder why people on the right want to fact check and look to see who people really are? This isn't destroying innocents as you suggest, this is simply exposing the lies of the left. Lies which you obviously approve of.

On a similar note, why are Democrats pretending to be TEA party candidates when they have nothing to do with the TEA party movement? They are trying (In an unethical way of course) to split the vote to favor the Democrats.

I've been saying for years now, the left has completely given up the concept of ethics. They don't care how they win as long as they win.

More great news!

Brought to you by the summer of recovery!

Oh well...

Time for Eric Holder to sue Florida.

August 11, 2010

A picture from the Limbaugh wedding.

Seen here is Elton John getting a standing ovation performing at the wedding of Rush Limbaugh and his wife Kathryn.

How about that as an actual showing of tolerance and diversity? Doesn't exactly fit the template does it?

People applauding him for his talent. I don't see an ounce of right-wing hatred because the man is gay.

If you recall though after this came out many liberals vilified Mr. John for providing entertainment for the evil Limbaugh.

The man did his job, was paid well, and for that he is attacked.
This is the left wing in America.

Attention Folkbum

Since you seem to like drawing conclusions from anonymous comments on websites here is one where someone actually signed their name.

Yes, you left wingers are all about rainbows, lemon drops and death wishes....

A note to Dan Bice

Mr. Bice,

Since you seem so interested in presenting "pay to play" stories regarding local political figures, I'm wondering if you will be writing a pay to play column on all of the politicians from Wisconsin who have taken huge sums of money from public sector unions that just voted for billions of dollars to bail out those very union members?

Seeing as those politicians always get money from those unions did they not just provide at least some money that will be funneled right back into their own re-election efforts?

I eagerly await your response.

Fred Dooley

Real Debate Wisconsin

Poll Call.

The Democrats just called the house asking if we were likely voters and if we would be supporting Senator Lehman...

They are not going to like the response.

You just have to love these left wingers.

After all the crap that the worst Press Secretary in my lifetime has said about the right a left winger calls for his resignation because he suggested left wing critics of Lord Obama should be drug tested.

Politician Lies about his resume...

He gets caught, what's missing from the story?

An evil fact checker no doubt caught this, obviously Folkbum would blame conservative bloggers for his plight.

August 10, 2010

Caption This

The new Government Motors car, runs on hot air...

Neumann... I'm not a career politician.

Mark Neumann keeps running these ads bragging that he is not a career politician.

At best this is misleading, the only reason Mark Neumann is not a career politician is that he tried to be one but lost in the effort.

So, in essence, the Neumann position is I failed, therefore I am a better choice.


I've had to install a new comment system.

I'm trying to migrate old comments over but it is fighting me.

I've been getting too much spam and too much flat out irresponsible behavior from the hate left.

The new system will help me combat that. Apologies for any inconvenience the transition causes.

Hillary for VP?

The thought of Hillary for VP is spreading around.

This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Hillary Clinton does not want to be anyone's second fiddle. And the thought that launching Joe Biden would make up for people's disgust of Barack Obama is laughable.

I guess jettisoning Joe Biden will somehow be the fault of George Bush too.

It is much more likely that after the Republican landslide in November Hillary will resign in a bid to run for the head job and mend the Democratic Party. As a matter of fact it would not surprise me in the least if Hillary resigns on the very day the next Congress is being sworn in. From a public relations perspective that would take all the attention away from the new Congress and put it all on her.

Guess the number game

This one is going to be too easy.


Freddie Mac's latest quarterly loss.


What sane person would use Jesus Christ to make a comparison to Levi Johnson?

August 9, 2010


Charts showing per capita state debt and which Preisdential candidate they voted for.

Do you really need help in guessing if blue states or red states are in the most trouble?

MRQ / TRQ Just 2 words

MRQ (Two words edition)

Size matters. Althouse.

I screamed. Jo

properly holding. Mary

heartwarming union. Shark

rather tiring. Wigdy

strips off Publius

my fingers. Trog

the thrill. Wigdy

be embarrassed Dean

amorous boozers Trog


Ride on Patrick

my bedroom. CFR

eating skeeters Owen

little girl Corey

sharp tongue Bruce

lazy person Nick

my hand Dipity

avoid Fallout. Hohner

Sewage dumps Patrick

Blow Joe Jones

Really shocked. Wigdy

Take this job and slide it.

And you think you had a bad day.

Six Flags "Great America"? I'll never go there again.

Six Flags in Gurnee has their various promotional days.

Guess what September 12th is? You know, the day after 9-11... Well at the wonderland of Six Flags "Great America" that is Muslim family day!

Come on Fred, you are making that up. No, I'm not, look for yourself.

(H/T Mrs. RDW via MarkYelling)

Attention left wingers

According to the standards you have applied against Andrew Breitbart, you may no longer use Media Matters to source anything.

I thought you would like to know.

How cute...

A dung Beetle

Oh, well then, that makes it all just fine.

Nothing says console a grieving friend like spending hundreds of thousands of the taxpayer's dollars.

August 8, 2010

A stunning disconnect from reality.

Russ Feingold makes up a person claiming they got a new job, and local radical nutburger Jay Bullock somehow manages to blame the right side of the blogosphere.

I quote: You, my friends and neighbors in the right blogosphere, you are the reason why Feingold used a fake name there. Think, and think honestly, though sometimes I imagine that's hard for you, think about what you would have said, done, and advocated if and when the real Elizabeth Ackland were revealed. That's it right there. That's the reason.

Folkidiot actually presents this nutty opinion as fact. Seriously Jay, you have gone off the deep-end, again.

Or have you confirmed that with Senator Feingold?

Update: Jay should really review this post about who to blame for the Omar Thornton killings...

4-Block Brilliance

If you are not reading 4 Block World you should be.

The Broken Window Fallacy.