July 27, 2010

Come on Barney

Pay your fair share will you?

Feingold is a disgrace.

Thousands of documents about the war in Afghanasatn leaked, the story was everywhere yesterday.

While most responsible legislators are concerned over the security breach Senator Feingold has taken a different approach.

Never wasting a crisis, Senator Feingold says our strategy in Afghanasatn is "deeply flawed" and uses the opportunity to further his agenda and press for an end to the war in Afghanastan.

It is time for Senator Feingold to join the ranks of the unemployed.

Is it November yet?

July 26, 2010

MRQ paroxysms of rage


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I'm thinking of doing a podcast, a review of the events of the day...

Any thoughts?

The Sherrod / Breitbart story.

How many of you have actually read the original posting by Andrew Breitbart that all of the Shirley Sharrod mess has come from?

My guess is not too many of you.

Review the entire post here.

Then compare that post to the "out of context" media template that has formed.

Questions to ponder:
  • Was this post designed as an attack on Shirley Sharrod?
  • How many of the people pontificating on this story actually reviewed the original story in actual context?
  • Should we be having another beer summit?

Guess the number game


Too easy. $30,000, that's how much it will cost to attend Barack (Cesored) Obama's birthday bash.

I hope they have a whale of a gift bag.

Than and now.

Then: Hope and Change!

Now: Could be worse?

Guess the number game


July 25, 2010

An inability to grasp the basics of military training...

Sounds qualified to be a US Senator to me.

Milwaukee's Katrina?

A seriously ridiculous comparison.

James T has the video, these women have a serious persecution complex. They believe that there was some grand conspiracy so that all the storm water flooded them personally.

Katrina was tragic, this was serious, but not even in the same ballpark.

More evdience of a media coverup to elect Barack Obama.

A short synopsis... The Obama camp urged donors who had already donated their maximum amount to give money to ACORN that they could then use to elect Obama.
Remember, ACORN as a non-profit that was supposed to be non-partisan.

The NY Times had the story and killed it. There is also evidence that other media outlets also had the story and made the choice to take a pass on it.

I had the extreme privilege to meet Anita MonCrief today. A stunningly impressive woman.

Update: Anita MonCreif did announce that she will be filing SEC charges against the Obama administration. I wonder if the "newspaper of record" will ignore that too?

I'm home.

I'm back from RightOnline, what an event!

Well over a thousand online activists from the around the country converged to learn, share and network with one another.

In just its third year RightOnline has already outgrown and surpassed the left wing NetRoots Nation conference.

Some perspective on the netroots can be seen here by my friend the Gateway Pundit including their inviting and giving a standing-o to the disgraced communist truther Van Jones. This is who they are folks.

If I can wrap the RightOnline conference I have to tell you this, the right is energized, positive in spirit and determined to do the work necessary to win in November.

The left on the other hand is bitter clingers hanging onto their hatred and their communists. Think I'm exaggerating? Check out Eddie Schultz's deranged rant. That's MSNBC for you folks.

Answer, Compassionate release.

The question, how the Obama administration treats terrorists.

Yet he is taking the time to sue Arizona.

Is it November yet?

This is fair?

Imagine your favorite band going on tour. This will most likely be their last tour (I said imagine). Their other tour dates are too far for you to travel to, so you really want to go to the one coming to your town.
You therefore decide to spend a large sum of money and invest a great deal of time to get the absolute best tickets you can.
When concert day finally arrives you smugly head out knowing that your time and money you've invested guaranteed you great seats.
You are very excited and happy.

On concert day, however, the concert promoter decides he wants to open the concert to everyone. On top of that, he will now have general seating – meaning your time and the money you've invested have been wasted. Those 3rd row center seats you were so happy about now have already been filled by some tailgater that has been partying in the parking lot since noon.

This seems unlikely, doesn’t it?
This, however, is the best analogy I’ve heard on illegal immigrants invading my country.

Rock on.