July 23, 2010

Great observation.

Cole Northrop of Sheboygan suggests that we follow Senator Feingold's advice.

I agree.

RightOnline Observation.

The bloggers row room has divided itself into 3 distinct factions, bloggers, facebook folks and twiterers.

I was just discussing the phenomenon with Steve Egg, we have agreed, this is just like high school.


Just finished up my first seminar, I picked up some great ideas on tweaking RDW. I'm now in the blogger row looking through an amazing number of emails that piled up over the last day and a half.

I've been meeting some new folks and catching up with some folks I have not seen in a long while. Looks like I'll be doing an interview shortly with Granite Grok.

I had a very cordial conversation this morning with John Fund of the Wall Street Journal. I thanked him for keeping the heat on election shenanigans in Wisconsin. It is a pity our local papers care so little about this large issue.

I had a John Cleese sighting this morning in the Casino here at The Venetian. He was looking for coffee dressed in a horrible blue and white striped jacket and white shorts. It looked like he was reprising his role from the ministry of silly walks.

More to come.


Sounds like I got out of town just before all hell broke loose.

I pray everyone is doing well.

Have you seen....

...this headline?

Probably not.
After all, there is no way to extort them for money.
They may as well be pumping sewage.

July 21, 2010

RDW on the road.

I'll be taking RDW on the road to Las Vegas to attend the RightOnline conference over the next few days.

I'll be networking with other online activists from around the country, attending seminars and hearing some fabulous speakers. Hopefully this will all result in a better product for you here.

I'll take lots of pictures, grab some video and report in as often as possible.

Guess the number game

300,000,000 # of gallons of oil dumped into the Gulf of Mexico

3 months it took for that oil to leak into the gulf.

506,000,000 millions of gallons of sewage dumped by MMSD into Lake Micigan.

1 day to dump into Lake Michigan.

Isn't it amazing?

Life long tax raising Democrats always seem to act like fiscal hawks when they want to get elected.

Speaking of things being taken out of context....

Think Progress destroyed...

The left will not care.

James T. Harris responds.

What a class act.

July 20, 2010

Racism is alive and well

At Folkbum's joint.


Chetly Zarko has passed.

Rest well my friend.

Reverend Wallis in Wisconsin Highlights Christian Chasm

No matter how you package social and economic justice, to many of us, they still mean collectivism in the name of man-made justice. Evangelical Christian and political writer and activist Jim Wallis is a spokesman for this kind of justice. Wallis recently complained about resistance to his Wisconsin engagement to speak at Lifest, a Christian youth festival. The reverend pinned his opposition to popular right-wing voices like Glenn Beck. Yet, he failed to recognize or acknowledge those of us who have done our own thinking on this matter – and found his kind of “justice” to be lacking in Biblical backing and true fairness to all.

Did Wallis' talk to thousands of young people at Lifefest in Oshkosh –“The Call to Jesus and His Kingdom of Justice” – acknowledge the freedom of the individual to serve Christ and help the poor as he or she chooses? Or was it a veiled call for building a society of (coerced) institutionalized collectivism? I would guess the concepts of freedom did not come up in this talk.

Wallis wrote in an article earlier this year that "Christian social justice does not equal totalitarian government, but on the contrary, has always tried to hold government accountable to the needs of “the least of these." But the government's role is not to fill everyone's needs. Trying to make the government do this requires cooperation of the people who must pay for the programs for this function. When people do not agree or cooperate with the government's will, those in power may use tactics to get everyone to support the program: and bingo, we suddenly have totalitarianism "for the greater good."

We who espouse freedom would say to such Christian collectivists, go ahead and make your own groups and organizations to help people within this free society. But do not mess with everyone else’s God-given choices to live and aid others as they choose, rather than through government ideas of aid. Any “justice” without regard for individual freedom is not just.

For further reference:
Another view of social justice from the Heritage Foundation

My ponderings on redistribution of wealth: Is Redistribution of Wealth Christian?

Wisconsin Supreme Court Slaps Down Doyle Theft Of Funds.

You mean it is really unconstitutional to swipe money from a fund you don't own just because the money is there and you need it to fill your irresponsible budget?

Go figure.

By the way, Racine, your local Democrat legislators, John Lehman, Cory Mason and Bob Turner all voted in favor of this unconstitutional theft of $200 million. I thought I'd let you know that as the Journal Times and the Racine Post certainly will not mention it.

The Vast Left-Wing Media Conspiracy.

JounoList members conspiring to help Barack Obama by killing stories that could hurt him.

It is amazing how people like Folkbum continue to refuse to accept how flagrant media bias is in this country.

Not the Gaza they tell you about....

Take a look at Mideast Dispatch.

Like the old saying tells us...

As California goes, so does America.

Or is it this way?

Ach....I'm sure it's all in my head. This stuff isn't really happening.
Kumba-ya, everybody.

July 19, 2010

MRQ fingers in ears, la la-ing madly


proud of our toilets. Althouse.

darn it, I missed! Elliot

I hope they've done it. Orbs Corbs

setting fire to my panties SER

“O” Word Egg

The rest are for your father Bussorah

a parody of this site Wigdy

Fred Dooley playing with Barbie. Wigdy again.


Get to bed. CFR

sounds like a collection of hungry congresscritters Toldja

fingers in ears, la la-ing madly, averting eyes Snark

Petting a cat. BCB

Brett Favre or Democrats? Rebecca

Muffins of Unusually Small Size? Nick.

Mad Mennonites TheTeditorial

get off my tush Dipity

the old fashioned kind...with a ball. SamdHam

Smoking crack Chris

Twitter Quitter Titters. Tom.

Quick...everybody put your clothes back on!! TAB

leave me alone. Dean.

on the bottom. Hohner

unknowingly chatting with undercover NSA & CIA operatives Michael

I get this chill that runs down my spine. Patrick

a mattress from a thrift store?????????? Pete

a sufficient amount of junk Jones

does that make me evil? Wigdy

a veteran alcohol researcher. Egg

I agree completely.

Robert Stacy McCain nails this one.

Never Let Your Enemies Tell You Who Your Friends Should Be

Who knew?

Mass transit doesn't use any oil.

Caption This

Parking Fail

Dipity has the video.

July 18, 2010

An issue with wind power...

It can't hack it if it gets too......

Say it with me now.....