June 30, 2010

Guess the number game.


The Journal Times is streaming Obama's speech.

I'll give you a quick summary.

Everything is Bush's fault, I hate for profit businesses, Democrats have never been at fault for anything, oh and it is all Bush's fault. I picked up a kringle, don't tell Michelle.
He needed to come to Racine to say this?

Hey, does this idiot know he is not on the ballot in November?



Meet US Senate Candidate Ron Johnson.

Ron Johnson will be at the next Kenosha County Pints 'n Politics.

Lisa has the details.

A brief apology to my readers....

As you have probably heard President Obama is scheduled to visit my home city of Racine this afternoon.

I will not be covering that event. I'd like to get down to Memorial Hall, snap some pictures, take some video, and report back to you about the Executive visit.

Frankly I'm just too busy this week to even consider attending, my apologies for not being able to cover this event.

June 29, 2010

You had better not tell...

Or the world will be destroyed by global warming.

Liberalism is a mental disease.

Presidential Poll.

With President Obama coming to Racine tomorrow, the local newspaper has an online poll up asking if you approve or disapprove of the governing of Barack Obama.

Go tell them what you think.

June 28, 2010

MRQ distracted by bright, shiny objects


wearing pants. Wigdy

minutes away from doing #1 Sara

Kevlar underpants Bussorah

nobody told. Deekaman

I have to go scrub my brain Trog.

a bunch of democrats looking for a handout Silent E

The thrill is gone. Mary

ask me why I know this. Elliot

I know what they were going for Owen


I forgot how to use it CFR

I just spit Spammy

Go all the way. Corey

tabloids & old police reports AL Gore's brain.

I'm stimulating. Shoebox

show the gams. TheTeditorial

milk an almond. Dipity

a different calculator involved Chris

The Secret Knuckleball Tom

the blathering begins... Dean

want my image tarnished Hohner.

the first time I had sex. Michael

HerB.O.T. 6000 Kevin

distracted by bright, shiny objects Lance.


Behind every farmer's daughter Wigdy

How about that Tom Barrett?

Mr. name the name, name the name, is partnering with ACORN.

No wonder he won't let his Police Department investigate vote fraud, he is in bed with the worst perpetrators.

Quite the weekend...

A Milwaukee County Supervisor and Democrat Party leader gets national attention for being stupid...

The Vice President comes to town and calls a local business manager a smart ass for the crime of asking for his taxes to be lowered... Which is worse, Biden calling a hard working taxpayer a smart ass or someone on General McChrystal's staff calling Joe Biden Joe Biteme?

Bucyrus loses out on up to 1,000 jobs because of Obama's radical environmental policies...

Meanwhile, Obama, who could use a geography refresher himself, is coming to Racine to talk the economy and jobs where local liberals will ignore all of this and fawn over him like the Obamazombies they are.

By the way, I bet Obama picked Racine because he has a check for KRM, something that will be a further drain on the taxpayers.