June 18, 2010

Why the slow response in the gulf?

Protecting the unions that got Obama elected.

Celebration Check List.

  • Throw rocks at police officers
  • Throw bottles at police officers
  • bust out windows of cars at random
  • beat people in the streets
  • set cars on fire

You stay classy Los Angeles.

How fiscally prudent.

JS Online: An aide to Reilly said Thursday that Morgan's hiring was appropriate and the UW System was simply trying to avoid a protracted and costly search to fill the job at a time when the system is in the midst of major projects. Top-level system jobs are normally advertised so national searches can be conducted.

Who got hired? Jim Doyle's buddy.

Guess the number game.


UPDATE: Americans had $967 million of their tax money handed to abortion providers over the last 8 years.


Not in the least, all the new jobs are in government.

Guess the number(s) game, sU... edition


HINT: 1/2

June 17, 2010


Obama refused it.

And now the Coast Guard is shutting down efforts that are working.

Caption This.

Worst photo description ever!

Gov. Charlie Crist checks a Florida beach for signs of oil

He isn't looking for oil.

World Cup Update.

The World Cup made the Blagojevich trial.

By the way, the defense strategy for Blago is becoming clear, Rezko did it.

Senate rejects additional stimulus funding....

I wonder what is causing congress to suddenly care about spending?

November perhaps?

For Fred...

Because he clearly can't get enough of the World Cup, I give you a Lego recap of USA vs. England. Enjoy, Fred.

June 15, 2010

Gee, this did not take long.

Wal*Mart Rollbacks not for cheeseheads.

Yes, you have seen the commercials.

Wal*Mart is rolling back prices on products all over their stores.

Except in Wisconsin.

Funny that a guy in Vegas has to bring this to our attention. Hello, Wisconsin media, are you out there? Isn't it news that Wisconsin consumers are forced to pay higher prices than anywhere else in the nation due to our ridiculous state government?

Scott Walker, Tom Barrett, Mark Neumann, do you approve of this?

Mark Neumann...

No fan of free speech.

June 14, 2010

World Cup Update.

Is Paraguay good?


MRQ one way to have fun.


chemical castration has come into effect. Owen.

fire half. Kate

lying like hell. Dad29

A cougar. Althouse

Bite me. Pete

Give it to your wife. Tom.

I've touched mine. Wigdy

eternally grateful. Carrie

got lucky. Dan

ashamed of myself. Trog.

Call me old. CFR

That's a taserin'! Bob

See ya around. Kevin.


didn't want to get out of bed. CFR

don't kiss him with tongue Owen.

sticky fingers Charlie

one way to have fun. Nick

witnesses who say kissing TheTeditorial

see the strippers. Dipity

more English balls flying at him than Madonna Christian

frontal assault. Tom

can do things we never even DREAMED about in TAB

back from a massage. Jones.

sucking golf balls through a garden ho Egg


Not so much.

I have and I will always work to promote a civil public discourse.

Says this Demothug.

Stay Classy

You stay classy Chris Sontany

Flag Day


Fuel for the fire.

June 13, 2010


Tax cuts for some, not for others...

So he admits tax cuts help create jobs, yet he only wants to parse them out situationally.

Nice headline by the way, Barrett energizes Democrats... He "energizes" a convention that had to be moved to liberal Madison due to a lack of interest. Funny how they forgot to mention that part.


Who knew?