June 11, 2010

Guess the number game


What happens when the teachers cheat?

Yeah, I know, if we didn't want to put standards on their performance they wouldn't have to...

Who didn't see this one coming?

According to testimony in the Rod Blagojevich trial, Jesse Jackson Jr. had associates offer up to $1.5 million for Obama's Senate seat.

This guy would fit in well with other Democrat Senators

Florida Democratic Senate candidate says let the old folks die already.

And the World Cup begins....


June 9, 2010

I think it is time for Obama to be fired

MSNBC: President Barack Obama says he would have fired BP's CEO Tony Hayward over controversial comments downplaying the Gulf oil spill — if the executive had been working for him.

Remember the comment? He said he wished this was over more than anyone, he would like to have his life back. A comment he later apologized for.

I'm sure he would have liked to take two vacations since this oil spill, I am sure he would have attended a couple of concerts, attended some fund raisers for friends, etc.

Then again Barack the Pius has never said anything insensitive has he?

Barack Obama is a hypocrite who deserves for the American people to fire him.

Something I can rarely say

I completely agree with this Journal Times editorial.

Please read: What did blockade breakers expect?

HIV Bombs?

What the heck...

June 8, 2010

The left wing hope

Jail those who disagree with us...

And this idiot is a darling of "Progressives".

The 20 hottest conservative men.

I protest.

Somehow the Troglopundit was missed


I "borrowed" this picture from the Racine Post's story about a carnival pulling out of Regencey Mall in Racine after a weekend of fun and cotton candy.

Even in the middle of the Zipper, you just can't miss a text!

In case you missed it

The FTC is pushing for new taxes to help privately owned businesses stay afloat.

Newspapers. (I thought Obama said we were done with bailouts?)

To my understanding, freedom of the press, has nothing to do with the taxpayers paying for the press.

Caption This.


Waste a crisis.

Vote Fraud?

Tom Barrett approves.

June 7, 2010

Menomonee Falls Company Evicting Little Old Ladies in Washington State.

Yeah, you read that right, it is a Medicaid thing.

MRQ stupidity and irresponsibility


SOMETHING is Mickey Mouse'd up. Dad29

Protect your junk. Owen.

an excuse to post a picture Trog

I am looking for a book deal Wigdy

lickin’ & stickin’ Dipity

I’ve never even seen one of these Trog

too much time on my hands Dean


stupidity and irresponsibility CFR

force me to drink me rum Owen

insuring Domestic Tranquility Al Gore's Brain

Time to get preggers. Dipity

Angelina Jolie has invited me Nick

that's 9.99 a month The Teditorial

Please only slap the rear ends of your coworkers Samdham

I, too, have been fired for being too hot. Christian

Men in Kilts TAB

wearing a low cut top Hohner

want a do over. Michael

Hall and Oates! Kevin

Feingold wouldn't know a maverick if he was driving one. Patrick

Ga ga ooh la la. Dan

I'd give you a noogie! Jones

Helen Thomas and Jeff Suppan Egg.

From the mind of Tom McMahon.

Mr. McMahon asks a great question.

If Helen Thomas were young & pretty, would she have survived her remark?

Another broken promise

from the none.

I'm curious

If Obama is running everything in the Gulf, why hasn't he talked to BP's CEO?