May 22, 2010


What do you call it when Cuba, and Mexico (no link, you all heard the Mexican pres and saw the standing ovation by our leaders) who's people cant seem to wait to get out of their country, react the same way to the Arizona law?

a) Ironic
b) Asinine
c) A sign of the apocalypse.

Its also very cool when our leaders go to China and spout off about AZ, huh?
Too bad they come across as blithering idiots to people that actually live there.

May 21, 2010

What if Chicago had won the Olympics?

So let me get this straight.

Mexico's President visits.

His country is in the middle of a massive drug war.

Immigration policy for Americans to go into his country is ten times stricter than it is for Mexican citizens coming here.

He goes in front of our Congress and complains about our policy.

Congressional Democrats give him a standing ovation for bashing Arizona.

Honey? Where did we put the torches and pitchforks?


Polaris, out.

Miller/Coors on the way out? (Tom Barrett... about that water tax hike you could stop?)

For those of you not from around here, Milwaukee is passing huge increases on what the water utility charges for water.

The reason?

We listened to environmentalist wackos and we now use so much less water that they are not bringing in enough revenue to sustain themselves. So they want to raise their fees to cover the lost revenue.

Yep, use less so you have to pay more. That's environmentalism.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett could stop these increases, he will not.

May 20, 2010


What are they hiding?

Caption Obama and his rat

This can''t be..

This story literally made me LOL....out loud.

The haughty denial by these uber-rightous sports writers, is HI-lareous!
Best line:
[ Landis seems to belong to that clinical breed of sociopath who doesn't feel guilt and whose vast reservoir of competitive willpower let him keep lying through a long and remarkable public relations campaigns to clear his name. ]
A sociopath. I love it.
Say it with me: Jose Canseco is a sociopath and lied too.

Are you hearing the footsteps yet, Lance?

How would you feel if someone left this mess on your property?

Do I need to tell you where this is?

Holy didn't they learn the first time Batman?

America's most famous party crashers tried it again.


Why don't they go ahead and make it permanent?

May 17, 2010

You know, I served in Viet Nam...


MRQ closed for geeks


A leftist pass time. Kate

seemed pretty bad. Althouse

encourage people to help. Elliot

self absorbed. Mme Zoltar

a drowned rat. Egg

these things aren't scientific. Trog

vegetable viagra. Bussorah


I'm a NASTY bitch when I'm hormonal... CFR

one testicle is bigger Owen

wife would date Corey

I have been very regular. Al Gore's Brain.

closed for geeks. Nick

get off my lawn. Carrie

saw a beaver Sara

trained better than I thought. Sam

the human bomb threat Christian

a well-earned giant Scotch TAB

find nuts Dean

what every nut needs Kevin

get a Smart Car. Patrick

liked it! Egg

Cougars are back Deibert

I didn't end up with any super powers Keith Conrad

Wright for Assembly.

I stopped in at Chris Wright's campaign kickoff this evening. (This is the Wright family, Chris' wife Mary has been reading RDW, hi Mary!)

Chris is running in the 62nd Assembly District for the seat currently held by Cory Mason. How could you turn down a cute kid like that, vote for his Dad!

The crowd was energized and eager to get to work for Chris.

There is information on his website for making donations.


Who said this and why?

"the world had gone mad, that liberalism was dead and that there was no longer any place for the ideals we held or the beliefs we espoused,"

Saint Nancy getting tough on travel rules.

A bit late I think. You sure can tell it is an election year can't you?

I bet she has exempted Botox 1.