May 14, 2010

Caption This

The finger pointer in chief...

Is tired of finger pointing.

$9 Rental Car Tax to fund KRM?

This is a slide from a SE Wisconsin Regional Transit Authority power point summary of the KRM project, which they refuse to let die the death it deserves.
CRG is reporting that the SERTA will vote to increase the existing tax on rental cars from $2 to $9 on Monday. They plan on doubling that tax in just two years.
This is the money they claim they will need to run this project as projected at an 83% loss. I tell you now that will not be enough money.
The slide below shows their ridiculous ridership projection of 1.7 million annual transit trips.
The KRM line would need to maintain that 1.7 million number to meet projection. Let's break it down shall we?
14 trips on weekdays, 7 on weekends and holidays. So that's 250 days at 14 trips, 114 on weekend and holiday schedules at 7 trips (assuming 10 weekday holiday schedules). That is 4,298 trips a year, divide by 1.7 million and we get 395.5 riders per train on average in order to meet that projection.
That's right people, the SERTA expects you to believe that the KRM route will average nearly 400 riders on every car in order to meet that projection of 1.7 million riders. (As a point of comparison, the popular Hiawatha service averages a million riders less that this projection annually)

And what happens when they do not meet that projection? At that point they will need even more of your tax monies to fund their train.
They are also claiming ridiculous job growth numbers along the KRM route, as many as a million new jobs. Go ahead and drive to Kenosha (better yet ride the existing coach service that runs the proposed KRM route) and take a trip on the METRA and see the economic boom that caused. (sarcasm off)
I have confirmed that voting on this new tax is item 7.C. on the meeting agenda, consideration of enactiment of car rental fee increase.

Just to catch you up:

This is the funniest thing I have read all week.

State Rep. Pedro Colón (D-Milwaukee) said this week he’s mulling whether to push for a leadership position in the Assembly Democratic Caucus or retire after six terms.

"The only reason to run is to partake in the top three positions," said Colón, who is currently Assembly vice chair of the Joint Finance Committee. "The question I'm asking myself is, am I willing to work the 120 percent that's required for you to work to be in the top three positions?"

Colón said he thinks Dems will come back in the majority, and he'd like to be in a position to guide big legislative issues, like "green jobs" legislation and a regional transit authority for Milwaukee.

Seventeen members of the Assembly already have decided to either retire or seek another office.

May 13, 2010

Think Progress


Eric Holder everybody....

Isn't he precious? Yes, the Attorney General that has been bashing Arizona has not read the law he is bashing them over.

Ain't liberalism grand?

Is it November yet? (Yes I am well aware his is not an elected post)

Kagan in her own words


Of course Obama would put a socialist on the court.

Happy 5th Birthday RDW

Real Debate Wisconsin turned 5 yesterday!

Hey Greg Jennings, what did you do this off season?

Who's laughing?

Green Light

From the mouth of the Lord Emperor Himself.

Let the forthcoming begin.

May 12, 2010


How does Olbermann's monumental ego fail to see his own hypocrisy?

We'll be Greece before you know it

At this rate...

The Wisconsin Republican Senatorial Primary...

is getting crowded.

Welcome to the party Mr. Johnson.

Conservative for Racine County Sheriff!

"Gonzo" Gonzalez and I got to spend some time together. Gonzo is running for Sheriff in Racine County. If you haven't heard his name yet, you will. It's rare that I meet someone who wants to embark on a political career and I walk away from the meeting energized. All of you "insider politics" guys/gals also know I don't jump onto just anybody's bandwagon.

We all know how important it is to have people in places of authority who want to be there to serve. We want someone in this position who has a strong respect for the taxpayer's dollars and a keen respect for the rights of victims as well as reasonable empathy for inmates in the County Jail. This is one of those guys. He's got experience, compassion, clarity, and a vision of purpose. His conservative values would serve him well in this capacity.

I hope you will come out and meet this guy. You'll be as impressed as I am. (And hey--it's at Mike and Angelo's! Who doesn't love their food?)
May 27th from 5-8pm. You won't want to miss him!

Walker getting national publicity

Good for him!

Can I show you my ID?


That's a dangerous looking group.

Something tells me you will not read about this in the New York Times.

Obama using bad social security number.

May 11, 2010

Congratulations to the UK

For taking a turn to the right.

Is it November yet?

Seperated at birth?

Elana Kagan

Brian Fraley

35 Inconvenient Truths (Part 1)

Hypocrisy thy name is....

Barney Frank

MacIver Awards.

The MacIver Institute is doing an end of the legislative season awards thing.

The categories:

Taxpayer Hero
Taxpayer Villain
Friend of the Free Market
Outstanding Citizen-Legislator
Most Powerful Capitol Player
Least Effective Capitol Player
Jedi Mind Trick Double Speaker
Mr. or Mrs. Sensitivity
Steel Spine
Spine of Jello

Have someone you would like to nominate?

If so please email to

May 10, 2010

Bumper Art

Is this offensive?

For the record, this "teacher" should be fired.

Isn't this precious....

The let's do Obamacare New York Times is telling Greece to drop universal health care to "lower costs"

MRQ useless, but entertaining, information.


Swimming in seaweed. Althouse

They just don’t make ‘em like that 'Ol Broad

no longer covers Patrick

a sexy gal in a black nightie. Paul

hit with 13 inches Jack

useless, but entertaining, information. Owen

xenophobic bigotry Steve

is the device overusing me? Mme Zoltar

you've always wanted to beat the crap out of him Tom

I can see November from my house. Peter

will be revealed. CFR

Obligatory blogwhoring Trog

buy fun As seen in WI


men rock!! CFR

Between loads Corey

Personal Exhale Tax Al Gore's Brain

it's plaid. Shoebox

single handedly saving Saturday Nick.

is it kinked? Carrie

about to get a crotch punch. Sara

Crossing my fingers that Lady GaGa is next. Christian

May 9, 2010

Bumper Art

I'm Curious...

Did anyone attend the public hearing to discuss Lame Duck Doyle's change from the Madison Airport to Monona Terrace as the stop for his slow speed rail project?

Or does he just get to keep changing his mind, increasing the price and sticking us with the tab?

Abuse of power anyone?

You Figure It Out...

Guess the number game.


Stolen occupied Mexico?

Ok, I've had it, ship all persons who are not here legally out.

Jody Gerut hits for the cycle?

Jody Gerut?


Jody Gerut?