April 30, 2010

Drug smuggling illegal shoots Arizona deputy with an AK-47....

And they'll call me the hater for bringing it up.

I suppose he should face zero repercussion for his actions...


Is there anything it can't do?

Calling out the SWAT team

A story has been running around the right-o-sphere about a SWAT team being called out on a TEA party in Illinois.

They show lots of little old ladies and ask why it was necessary to be so heavy handed on security.

For the record, it is a silly story and a stupid angle.

The President of the United States was speaking, that always calls for lots of security. If you like the man or not, if you agree with his policies or not, the President gets lots of security no matter where he goes.

Always has, always will, (D) or (R).

SWAT wasn't called to keep the Grannies in check. Let this one go people.


Obama: “I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money”

Taxpayer: "I do think at a certain point the government has taken enough of our money."

Harley Davidson Leaving Wisconsin?


April 29, 2010

Scouts Honor



Drinking Right Support Arizona Edition!

On our regular second Tuesday of the month Drinking Right night in August the Arizona Diamondbacks will be the midst of their only appearance in Milwaukee this season.

For one night only Drinking Right will relocate from Papa's to Miller Park (Tuesday, August 10).

The preliminary plan is to have a pre-game tailgate at around 5 o'clock (location to be determined and announced later).

People have different preferences for seating so we have two options.

1. Get your own seat in your preferred section.

2. I'll be reserving a block of seats in the Loge Field Box section. Those seats are $38 plus the handling fee of $9 per seat. If you would like a seat in that section with us just get me the money by the May edition of Drinking Right at Papa's on May 11. I'll place the order for seats after that event so we can get the best seats possible. If we get 25 or more people we can order through group sales and that gets your name on the scoreboard but to my understanding they do not discount seats for groups of less than a hundred people.

We are not suggesting that you do not root for the home team but to come out and support an Arizona business. (Well Dean will root for the Diamondbacks, that's just how he rolls)

Please spread this around on your blogs folks and leave a note in the comments section so we can get an idea on how many people to plan for.

I wonder if Obama will bow to him?

Look who is coming back for another visit.

Caption This.

Is Puerto Rico going to be our 58th state?

Could be.

Is the sea level going to raise?

Al Gore isn't worried about it.

April 28, 2010

So, what did Arizona do exactly to tick off the left?

They have decided to enforce immigration laws and will not issue IDs.

HATERS!!!!!! (Sarcasm off)

The legislature finds that there is a compelling interest in the cooperative enforcement of federal immigration laws throughout all of Arizona. The legislature declares that the intent of this act is to make attrition through enforcement the public policy of all state and local government agencies in Arizona. The provisions of this act are intended to work together to discourage and deter the unlawful entry and presence of aliens and economic activity by persons unlawfully present in the United States.

How completely radical.

Go ahead, read the rest. All 17 pages of it.

Plant Food

April 27, 2010

What's the party of hate?

Warning, very graphic left wing lunatics

Help Nick's ride.

My friend Nick Schweitzer is participating in a ride to fund diabetes research.

Diabetes runs in the family, in fact I have it.

Please consider sponsoring Nick's ride. He needs another $220 to reach his goal, let's help him break it!

Fear the deer

Tree Funeral

The power of RDW!

One little endorsement from me...

And lookie what happens.

Bob Uecker is going on the DL

Good luck Ueck.


Is there anything he can't do?

Gee I'm stunned.


Maximum Justice for a Change

Quote from the 25 year old who was recently sentenced for shooting a guy in a drug-deal-gone-bad in the Walmart parking lot:

"I just can't accept the fact that I'd never be a father to my daughter," said Reynolds, who family members said has a 2-year-old daughter. "My mistake doesn't determine my character and the man I want to be. After the tragic accident, I turned myself in - I couldn't live with that. I don't want to run from the law. I'm a man of integrity."

This from a guy who claims that it was a "tragic accident" and that it was a "mistake." No, mistakes and accidents are when you turn out in front of an oncoming car in traffic.

Mistakes and accidents are not shooting someone because they were trying to rip you off in a drug deal--while you're serving probation for cocaine dealing, no less.....

Your mistakes don't determine your character....but your willing decisions to deal drugs, and shoot at people in crowded parking lots do.

And this classic quote from his enabling auntie: "The only reason Reynolds got the maximum sentence, his aunt said, was because there were white people there at Walmart when the shooting happened. If it had happened on 12th Street, she said, he would not have gotten the maximum."

How about responding with something like, "We failed him. We didn't raise him to understand that there are consequences to bad actions. He risked the lives of dozens of innocent people in the parking lot that day. Now he needs to pay for his bad decisions, and we hope this can serve a greater good--that other young men of all colors will see what happened to him, and work to get their lives straight."

Hey, I can dream, can't I?

April 26, 2010

MRQ where 'smart ass' came from.


Please support my tour. Nick. Please click this link.

Pirates get paid. Dan

Around beautiful naked women. Althouse.

where 'smart ass' came from. Kate

aim well. Owen.

there’s no such thing as “green.” Elliot

bringin' the Ex-Lax Steve

isn't that precious. SER

unicorn dreams. Shoebox.

pee on my leg Casper

one lap dance at a time. James T

burning bush. ASIW

remove your shorts. bussorah

full-bone birther Trog

The passion is gone. CFR


I love Beer Erik

windmills or clown faces Corey

made mostly of steel Shoebox

that's what hubby says Susan

Who's going to put me over the top? Nick.

no questions, just enthusiasm! Carrie

I want to crotch punch them back to their trailer park. Sara

7 Best Orgasm Tips Chris.

I'LL be saluting TAB

tattoed near there Hohner

ugly nuts Michael

you clean up nice. Kevin. (Courage)

it is 5 o'clock somewhere Egg

More violent protests..

What's that? It wasn't a TEA party you say?

But but but those are the violent extremists....

Well that just doesn't fit the template does it?

Fill in the blank

Dick Leinenkugel________________________________.

Isn't the left precious?

A Eugene, Oregon protest of Sarah Palin....

Good for...

Sean Duffy