April 23, 2010

About that whole Government Motors paying back their loans bit....

Yeah, not so much.

You see they paid their TARP loan off with money held in an escrow account with other TARP funds.


Who is Jgtj Jfggjjfgj?


Racine Police Department wakes up the north side of Racine

It seems there has been a rash of copper thieves breaking into vacant homes and stripping them of whatever they can sell for scrap metal.

The phone rang at our house last night at 10:30 pm with a robo call from the Racine Police department warning us of the activity and asking us to keep a close watch for suspicious activity.

I called the Police department this morning and they verified that calls did indeed go out all over Racine's north side all night.

They were very apologetic.

Brewer Brooms

Fear the beer.

Thou shalt not

Criticize the Olbermann.


This could be fun.

April 22, 2010

The Shat & Lin Yu Chun


Earth Day Open Thread.

What are you going to do to commemorate Earth Day?

Could Iceland tip over?

Rick Manning explores...

Didja notice?

While Google and Yahoo are celebrating Earth Day with special graphics they completely ignored Easter.

The last day of silly season.

Today is the last day of the term for the Wisconsin legislature.

Desperate liberals will try to push as much of their agenda as possible. Today is the day to reach out to your legislators.

You can stop the horrible RTA bill, the ridiculous global warming bill and the desperate bid by the left to rig election law.

Call your leggies now.

If you do not know who they are click this.

The good news is after today Jim Doyle will be the lamest duck you have ever seen.

April 21, 2010

Demands for "DREAM"s?

I'm going to give a lot of latitude to the authors of a recent commentary in the Racine Journal Times entitled, "DREAM Act upholds nation’s promise to immigrant students." They are high school students who haven't yet experienced the realities of life. Or should I say the real costs of life....

While I have empathized with the children of illegal aliens, I take issue with the many complaints of so-called injustices that are listed in this commentary. The authors complain of an unfair system that doesn't give illegal aliens drivers' licenses, or health insurance. No doubt it would be emotional turmoil and pain to endure your family members being deported, or punished for being here illegally.

But where is the acknowledgement of the free K-12 public education they are receiving? Or the health care that they receive in our emergency rooms? How about the ESL classes we provide? While the authors are quick to point out the fact that they are not eligible for tax-payer subsidized college educations, neither are the American kids who want to attend a university in a different state.

Not all legal American citizens have health insurance. Not all legal American citizens have driver's licenses--perhaps they didn't pay their child support, or drove away without paying for their gasoline--all rules that were broken and now, as a punishment, have their driving privileges taken away. Note the word, "privilege." Driving is indeed a privilege, not a right.

I, too, would like to quote Martin Luther King Jr., as did the authors. "We refuse to believe that the bank of justice is bankrupt. We refuse to believe that there are insufficient funds in the great vaults of opportunity of this nation."

The bank of justice is not bankrupt. There are plenty of opportunities in the great vault. But they are opportunities, not guarantees. So while those banks and vaults are not bankrupt, our monetary banks and vaults are!

Like American citizens, you have an opportunity to better your life, apply for citizenship and follow the rules, laws and procedures that have been put in place. The free education you're receiving today is giving you a great opportunity for your future here. I surmise that the life you're living here is a far better one than you'd be living in Mexico.

Racine Reps Mason and Turner vote to keep 5 time drunk driver Jeff Wood in the State Assembly.

What completely unethical cowards. So much for state government taking a stand against drunk driving.

Here is a release from Racine County GOP Chair Bill Folk:

For Immediate Release Contact: Chairman Bill Folk
April 21, 2010 414-975-3600 or racinegop@gmail.com

Mason & Turner vote to table expulsion of a five-time OWI recipient

They opt instead to issue a stern note to Rep. Wood.

The Racine County Republican Party was shocked to hear that five-time drunk driver and currently sitting State Representative Jeff Wood (I - Chippewa Falls) was not expelled by the State Assembly last night. In a move that was both stunning and telling the bill that would have removed Rep. Wood from the legislature was tabled by assembly democrats including Racine's very own Cory Mason and Robert Turner and only a censure was issued.

"Censure is the equivalent to sending a note home with a grade-schooler," stated Racine County Republican Chairman Bill Folk. "I simply cannot believe that any representative from Racine would want to keep someone who is both dangerous to the community and irresponsible in his actions in the state legislature."

In fact, all but four democrats voted in favor of tabling the expulsion including Racine democrats Mason and Turner (49-48). Expulsion would have removed Rep Wood from his seat entirely.

The censure passed on a vote of 73-24.

"I believe that this was politics in action. Democrats currently need every vote that they can find and representatives like Cory Mason traded away their care for the people that drive the roads between Madison and Chippewa Falls for Rep. Wood's vote," stated Chairman Folk. "I'm appalled at this blatant catering to a criminal and wonder why MADD, SADD, and the rest of these advocacy groups have been silent on this issue."

Rep. Wood's district is 189 miles from Madison and like most legislators travels to and from his home district on a regular basis.

April 20, 2010

There's fake stuff to share, at 7 Mile Fair

A pity they found the phony merchandise and completely missed the illegals.

Brilliant! (Catchy too)



You might try listening to their concerns. Last year you pretended to not know anything about the protests, this year they amuse you.

Where am I?!!?"

OK, so I just watch a special news story on how Spirit wants to (and is going to) start charging for carry on luggage.
This charge, apparently, does not apply to luggage stored under seat.
Simple enough......

But not to Chuckie Schumer. I actually heard him say that he is going to "sit down" with the president of Spirit and explain that carry ons are a "need" - and under seat just doesn't work.
He further goes on to say that the marketplace can't decide such things because it doesn't work and that the government needs to step in to fix it.

WHISKEY. TANGO. FOXTROT????!!?!!!?!?!?!?!?

Did I really choose to become a citizen of a country I love just before it plunged into total government control??

Wisconsin Democrats

Wisconsin Democrats continue to protect this disgrace.

Remember in November.

Who are the TEA party crashers...

An interesting report.

Guess the number game.


UPDATE: 25, the number of SEIU thugs arrested at a demonstration in Ohio.

Number of people arrested at hundreds of TEA party protests last week, 0.

April 19, 2010

Your Wisconsin Democrat Leadership.

Wants higher medical costs for Wisconsin residents.

And they are willing to eat their own to see that it stays that way.

Truly they are beyond shame.

Go ahead and defend this Folkbum.

Now here is a difficult call.

Zealots have said that the volcanic activity is due to Gorebal Warming.

Now an Iranian Cleric blames it on a wardrobe malfunction.

Who is more ridiculous?


New Yorkers may have to open their own doors?

I blame Scott Walker.

Bumper Art

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