April 10, 2010

Caption This

A reminder.

Please watch out for 2 wheelers out there. Now that it is spring bicycles, scooters and big hogs will be hitting the road again.

Yesterday my brother-in-law got hit on his scooter by a pickup truck.

He got a very bad cut on his leg, bumps and bruises all over, etc. Amazingly he didn't break anything.

Please be careful out there.

Public Disclosure?

A bill making its way through the Illinois legislature continues the disturbing trend of government disclosing less and less to the public that supports it.

These things always start small and then spread like wildfire.

Beware or pretty soon this will be happening everywhere.

April 8, 2010

There be weird happenings in the Cheddarsphere...

A post from Casper and Aaron on the same day?

What could possibly be next?

Phelony Jones triumphant return? The Asian Badger posting something without an F-Bomb? Nick saying something complimentary about Paul Ryan? The Troglopundit going a week without a Danicalanche? Is James T. Harris about to change his middle initial?

I half expect Capper to say something nice about Scott Walker.

There's a shocker...

Environmentalists wrong again.

Photo ID

Nah, we don't need it.

Appril 8, 35 degrees, windy, snow flakes....

I'm ready Al, any time now.

April 7, 2010


Where be the free Obamacare?

A Narrow Electoral Escape!

Here's an excerpt from the Journal Times that illustrates how delighted I am that "King of the Knock-And-Drags" Jameel Ghuari lost his aldermanic bid in the city of Racine:

At the Dr. John Bryant Community Center, where the votes for the 2nd District were totaled, Ghuari wished Marcus congratulations. But when Marcus said, "I hope we can work together," Ghuari, executive director of the George Bray Neighborhood Center, did not return the sentiment. "I can tell you why we cannot," he said. He said Marcus lied to him about information for a campaign meet and greet event. Then after Marcus left the poll, Ghuari said he did not think Marcus was sincere about working with him and said, "I firmly believe racism decided this race."

Of course he would play the race card. That's what poisonous, race-baiters like Ghuari do. Frankly, I'm surprised he lost. I guess he didn't "help" enough voters to cast the right vote! Jameel, where were all those democrat "friends" you helped get elected over the years? I guess they weren't as supportive of your efforts as you were of theirs.

Next time I bet he'll make sure to "help" drag 31 more voters out of the taverns on election day....

2010 Spring Elections.

Bad day for the left...

Have at it.

April 5, 2010

This just in...

The Polish has won the initial sausage race of the season at Miller Park...

Guess the number game.


53% of Nevadans have a "very unfavorable view" of Harry Reid.

Is it November yet?

Guess the number game

150,000 +

150,000 + pages of new federal regulations due to Obamacare.


Admit it, when you read the word in the title your hackles were raised just a bit. We all know of the connotations to that word. Whether you are conservative or a liberal, it’s a somewhat polarizing word….but not anymore.

It used to be that the liberals were all about giving women the right to choose to have an abortion – which in reality, was almost always code for “we want to terminate the pregnancy whenever we want.” Conservatives, on the other hand, ranged from “choose life” to “make it illegal.”
Today, however, the liberals in congress – led by the Chosen One – actually want to tell you that you need.

So let me get this straight: liberals, where you once told America that you don’t want the government’s hand on your body, you are now telling us that you are OK with the government requiring you to forcibly buy an approved insurance plan?
One that will allow them – not just you and your doctor – to better regulate your health? If not, you get fined? Really?
And what reasoning do you have for this? The usual – its for the better good, you have to pay your share, blah, blah, freakin’ blah.

So basically, liberals, you are more concerned with making sure that it is a right to kill a growing being inside a women’s body than being shortchanged a dollar. Makes sense.


Remember when that was your rallying cry?
Of course not.

MRQ over-invested in cheek implants

MRQ (Monday Random Quotes)

A butt of jokes. Althouse

too young for the Truth. 'Ol Broad

showing some signs of wear. Bruce

need to do her bidding. Elliot

Pay up, Andrew. Steve

a misanthrope and a hermit with occasional bouts of marginal friendliness. Owen

Loneliness! SER

Release the Kraken! Tom

being a pompous jerk Kevin

crazy talk. Trog

TRQ (Twitter Random Quotes)

hardly got ANY last night CFR

re-hickified Bruce

The large amount of abandoned eggs I found today must be tied directly to the ravages of Global Warming. Al Gore's Brain.

I blame Gay Marriage Nick.

flight attendants on Glee Airlines. The Teditorial

they are all at Opening Day, and I am not. Brew Crew Babe

make me laugh each time I see their bodies, Candid Carrie

funded by terrorists & ACORN... Sarandipity.

over-invested in cheek implants SamdHam

woody biomass Christian

Happy Opening Day Hohner.

might have to swing Jones

Tattooed-skanks of America Kevin

Hooray beer! Egg

April 4, 2010

Time for Neumann to go bye bye.

From JSOnline.

Gov. Jim Doyle's plan to increase the amount of renewable energy by 25% by 2025 doesn't go far enough, Neumann said. He said he didn't like a government mandate, but instead he believes that advances like those that helped boost computing power over the past 20 years also will take place in the energy industry. He said it's in the economic interests of people and companies to become more energy-efficient.

So sayeth the owner of a company that makes energy efficient homes. Mark Neumann wants to push an agenda that will line his pockets while taking more and more resources out of ours.


Swiped from Trog


Let's see if this gets the Gerald Ford treatment from the media. (It won't)