April 1, 2010

Movie Quotes

How many can you get without Googling?
  • those could be giant Jiffey Pop Poppers. The X-Files
  • Where are my tic-tacs?! You've Got Mail
  • you take the blonde, I'll take the one in the turban. Young Frankenstein
  • If I have a day off I'll spend four to nine hours in front of the mirror Zoolander
  • No I don't like guns The 40 year old virgin.
  • you...you...you got a gift my friend. Analyze This.
  • Horror and moral terror are your friends. Apocalypse Now
  • No, I never saw Star Wars. Armageddon
  • You look like Gandhi! Bachelor Party
  • I've been dead once already; it's very liberating. Batman
Nice job folks, you got most of them. The one that were missed are in red.

Nice try Nick.

From Nick Barnett's Twitter feed.

Ok so just got called up to teds office they ask if I wouldn't mind being in a trade??? What??? They said to the bears???


Guess the number game



Global Warming Scientist Freezes To Death

Famed global warming activist James Schneider and a journalist friend were both found frozen to death on Saturday, about 90 miles from South Pole Station, by the pilot of a ski plane practicing emergency evacuation procedures.

"I couldn't believe what I was seeing", recounted the pilot, James Dolittle. "There were two snowmobiles with cargo sleds, a tent, and a bright orange rope that had been laid out on the ice, forming the words, 'HELP-COLD'."

One friend of Prof. Schneider told ecoEnquirer that he had been planning a trip to an ice sheet to film the devastation brought on by global warming.

April Fools

Death panels?

Yeah, Paul Krugman explains.

March 31, 2010

Off Shore Drilling.

So, Obama wants to allow limited off shore drilling?

Does he?

No. If he was serious this would be allowed before 2017

All he is looking for is something that would be popular with the American people because the health care bill is so unpopular.

One of the very first things Obama did when he got into office was reverse permissions granted by the Bush Administration to allow for off shore drilling.

All the President is trying to do is reverse his 50% disapproval rating.

Cheap political stunt.

Stop the mail-in rebate ban.

In case you missed it, the Wisconsin legislature is pushing a law that would make Wisconsin a safe haven from evil mail in rebates.

You see the legislature does not think you are smart enough to be a good consumer.

This idiocy is scheduled for a committee vote today. The Racine TEA party site has a good summary up including contact information for the committee members.

I wonder if the legislature understands how much tax revenue they will be passing up? Probably not.

I bought a cell phone a couple of months ago. $100 with a $50 mail in rebate. I bought the phone and paid sales tax on the $100. Then I got the rebate and spent that on something else where I paid sales tax again on the same $50.

But then Bob Wirch and the nanny staters in Madistan need to protect us from ourselves...

Must be nice...

It must be nice to be able to go through life without ever accepting an ounce of responsiblity for your own failings.

March 29, 2010

MRQ didn’t do anything stupid.


get subsidized Althouse

Clown in Chief Kate

embarrass yourself Patrick

it better not ^%$#*&( snow anymore. Owen

didn’t do anything stupid. Elliot

the Zoo Interchange will stand long enough for us to resolve these issues. Tom Barrett

Chavez tested, Castro approved Scoff

unfair to cheap crack whores. Trog

Do you ever clean the lint filter Mrs Redenz

waiting for my 2010 Census Singing Bear Telegram Mr. Pelican Pants

101 years of losing and counting. Egg


I can fix anything. I'm a man. Peter

Mysterious gelatinous substance Bruce.

How do you stop a train? Rebecca

Why doesn't mars get an hour? Kevin

easy to get CFR

delirious from the sugar withdrawals. Sara

his junk up around his neck Carrie

From my inbox

The new health care plan will be written by a committee whose Chairman says he doesn't understand it, passed by a Congress which hasn't read it, signed by a President who smokes, funded by a Treasury Chief who did not pay his taxes, enforced by 16,000 new IRS agents,overseen by a Surgeon General who is obese, and financed by a country that is broke.

What could possibly go wrong?

Breitbart raises the stakes.

Andrew Breitbart has raised his offer to $100,000 to anyone who can provide proof of racist comments shouted at a DC rally.

Cameras everywhere surrounding the Congressional romp through the TEA party and no proof...


Why government sucks and it always will.

Two stories on Racine Unified Schools today in the Racine Journal Times.

1. A plan to spend $8,500,000 to lease 8,000 computers replacing every computer in the district. That's 8,000 divided by 8.5 million, $1,062.50 each to lease. (Every staff member gets their own laptop, isn't that spiffy?)

That's right, they won't even own them.

On a quick visit to Bestbuy.com here is a complete system for $419.98, it even has a wide screen monitor. My guess is with purchasing power to buy 8,000 systems they could even get a better deal. Even at the $419.98 price that's a savings of $5,140,160 and you own them.

On the very same day they come out with this idiocy is the anouncement that Racine Unified will holding a meeting today to discuss another in an unending stream of referendums to increase taxes.

The board will vote in April as to having a referendum or not. (They will)

So here on the same day that a plan to spend money unwisely is announced they'll also discuss raising taxes on a community that is already overtaxed.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I brought attention to it, I must hate children.

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Mike Tate Watch.


Long overdue

So let me get this straight.

So Barack (Censored) Obama goes to address the troops in Afghanistan.

He shows up in the cover of darkness and speaks to the troops at 1am due to concerns about his safety?

Tell me, have we ever had a bigger wimp as Commander in Chief?

Guess the number game.


Valliant guesses folks.

Only 9% of Israelis think Barack (Censored) Obama is Pro-Israel.

Neumann Campaign