March 20, 2010

Dave Westlake at the 3-20-2010 Racine TEA Party

Van Wangaard at the 3-20-2010 Racine TEA Party

Brett Davis at the 3-20-2010 Racine TEA Party

Pics from DC

Bruce Redenz sent me these pictures that a friend of his took at the DC event today. Thanks Bruce.

Apostle David King at the 3-20-2010 Racine TEA Party

Mayor Dave Ross at the 3-20-2010 Racine TEA Party

What should have been a liberal utopia.


Well, they had really bad leadership.

Impromptu Racine Tea Party.

As the deadline to a vote on health care looms in the House someone thought of calling a TEA party in Racine today.

An email went out yesterday afternoon and 110 people responded to the call on a freezing cold day.

I took video from most of the speakers, I'll be uploading and posting it as time allows.

In the House, We're the People's House

March 19, 2010

Tell the truth.

I've made this point before, this bill does not "provide" insurance for 32 million Americans even though Obama keeps saying it will.

This bill will FORCE persons who have not been buying insurance to do so.

Providing is not forcing.

Why does Obama keep lying?

And yesterday's lie is gone.

Obamacare will add billions to the deficit.

Amazing isn't it?

When you throw out the "creative" accounting their whole house of lies collapses.

Is it November yet?

Guess the number game

UPDATE: Last week's cable TV ratings

2nd ranked cable network. - Fox News (USA Network was #1)

13th ranked cable network - Cartoon Network

26th ranked cable network - MessNBC

Yep, King of the Hill reruns are killing LibTV

Caption This:

March 18, 2010

PolitiZoid - Obamafeld

90 Seconds to Gov't Run Healthcare

H/T Silent E

Caption This.

Guess the number game


MPP Nailed it again: Number of IRS agents to be hired to enforce certain provisions of ObamaCare.

The Liar in Chief is at it again.

Hawaii had an earthquake?

My memory is not what it used to be but I could swear all Hawaii had was a tsunami warning.

You said the special deals would be stripped out Mr. President, now you justify?

Is there any lie this man will not tell to pass this horrid bill?

By the way, what happened to that lazer focus on jobs?

March 17, 2010

Government run health care.

Washington State Walgreens are not taking new Medicare Medicaid patients prescriptions...

Why? Government is reimbursing at less than their cost.


You liberals pushing for this government mandated destruction of private health insurance are going to destroy health care in this country.

Obama: Premiums Will Decrease 3000% So You Should Get A Raise When H'care Is Passed

The President of the United States is either an idiot, or a liar or both.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Remember people, it takes a lifetime of practice to be Irish, don't over do it.


So can I now "deem" my taxes paid for this year because everything I spent money on was already taxed?

Congratulations, hope and changers, we now have an idiot in the white house who is leading a charge to fundamentally change America.
The best part is, the people that will stick it to you are too damn cowardly to admit it.

March 16, 2010

Racine Radio Ads on Lehman and Mason.

The Wisconsin Club for Growth starting running the following ad on Racine radio today.

John Lehman and Cory Mason can’t spend our money fast enough. First they supported spending $800 million dollars on a high speed train no one will ride. Now they want to spend another quarter billion on a commuter rail line. And the state can’t even afford to fill our potholes.

If you’ve had it with the train crowd wasting your tax dollars, join us at 7:00 pm on Tuesday March 23rd at the South Hills Country Club near Racine. Hear from a national expert what’s happened in other areas and how we can stop the high speed drain of our tax dollars here.

Join us at 7 pm on March 23rd at the South Hills Country Club, just off I-94 near Racine. There is no charge for the event but seating is limited. To reserve your seat go to Paid for by Wisconsin Club for Growth.

The ad will start running in Milwaukee on Thursday.

The Wisconsin Club for Growth issued the following release.

For Immediate Release: Contact:
March 16, 2010 R. J. Johnson or Deb Jordahl
1-877- -707-0571

Sun Prairie, WI ---- Wisconsin Club for Growth began airing radio advertising in Racine today, highlighting Senator John Lehman and Representative Cory Mason’s support for spending $800 million dollars on a high speed train from Madison to Milwaukee, and another quarter billion dollars on a commuter rail system known as KRM.

In addition the ads invite interested parties to attend a forum on Tuesday March 23rd at 7:00pm at the South Hills Country Club near Racine. National Transportation expert, Randal O’Toole of the Cato Institute will be on hand to discuss how similar rail proposals have worked in other areas.

The Wisconsin Club for Growth said similar ads will begin in Milwaukee Thursday.
The event is free to the public but seating is limited. Interested parties are encouraged to reserve their seats at

The Club for Growth is a national network of over 40,000 men and women, from all walks of life, who believe that prosperity and opportunity come through economic freedom.

Wisconsin Club for Growth, Inc. is dedicated to informing, educating and rallying citizens of Wisconsin to embrace and enact policies that lead to sustained economic growth, limited government, and minimal taxation.

Coffee Party Pictures

These are pictures taken at recent coffee parties around the country. Coffee parties are the new play thing of left-wing activists jealous of the success of the tea party movement. My observation? Poorly attended, and very white. The absence of persons of color at these events of course proves that they are raaaaacists.

This is the hometown group from Milwaukee

Tucson, AZ. I wonder how many of these retirees escaped from Wisconsin's tax climate?

Troy, MI. Home of government motors.

Texas. Tell you what, how about the teachers union stops playing politics? Isn't that amazing, give us your money and we'll do whatever we want with it.

Colorado, They all seem really happy. Think air perhaps?

Kentucky - Too many mint juleps? The idea is to talk to each other people.

Boston. Apparently these are the Mass., voters that did not vote for Scott Brown.

Anchorage, my guess is none of them are in the Sarah Palin fan club.

Buy US

Unless of course your name is Clinton.

I'm confused.

Gore Attaches Global Warming as Cause to Last Weekend's Storm in Northeast

But I thought one weather event was just weather and not proof of anything...

March 15, 2010

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paid for a back wax Trog.

I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express once. Steve

expressive urges. Althouse.

Torches and Pitchforks. Deekaman

fan of Gladiator movies. Kevin.


hubby makes me go to bed. CFR

a wonkish twit. Bruce

Roasted Paulnuts Peter

I see his Candid Carrie.

release the flying monkeys Tom

involves ankle holsters. TAB

Something is pollinating. Radish

Quick! Somebody bore me! Michael.

Putting the "silly" in Scoff

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don`t blame me for looking Jones

Yes, yes, and yes. Egg


Gov't says it cannot explain runaway Toyota

By ELLIOT SPAGAT and KEN THOMAS, Associated Press Writers Elliot Spagat And Ken Thomas, Associated Press Writers – Mon Mar 15, 10:02 am ET

WASHINGTON – The federal government said Monday it cannot explain a reported incident of sudden, high-speed acceleration in a Toyota Prius on a San Diego freeway and acknowledged it may not be able to solve the mystery of what happened to the hybrid.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said its engineers continue to investigate and are reviewing data from the Prius owned by James Sikes to try to understand what led to last week's high-speed incident. But so far, NHTSA says it has not been able to find anything to explain what Sikes reported.

Any one of us with an ounce of common sense can tell you what happened....

Mama needs a new set of glasses!

And she wants the "good stuff."
None of this American garbage.
Right madame secretary?

So do you think she and The Chosen One had a confab about American "J-O-B-S" prior to making this decision?
Was it a tip 'o the cap to Sweden for having universal healthcare?
Does anybody know what the h%&# this administration is doing?

Better yet, why?

Dear Senator Feingold,


I attended your listening session in Racine on March the 6th. You told the audience repeatedly that the special deals used to buy votes would be stripped out of the health care bill by the White House.

As I am sure you are aware those bribes are still in the bill and now your party leadership is poised to shove the bill through.

Will you oppose the passage of this bill on these grounds, or will it be business as usual in DC?

You claim to be a "Maverick". Now would be a good time to live up to that.

March 14, 2010

Caption This

You probably won't see this in any Wisconsin media.

Wind power is a complete disaster

Thanks for the clarification Michael.

How about this quote from liberal elitist Michael Moore?

There you have it folks. Liberal elitists like Moore think you are too stupid to make your own decisions. That's why they need power, to make decisions for you.