February 26, 2010

Paul Ryan on Health Care: Answers don't lie in Washington

What they don't want you to know.

Yesterday the Wisconsin Senate approved a new health care plan designed to give people waiting to get on Badgercare a low cost option.

What they don't want you to know is there are insurance companies that would like to provide such coverage but state law forbids them from doing so.

By stripping off many items that are normally mandatory for insurance companies to provide (things like chiropractic care).

Want to know why health insurance costs so much? Look to your government and what they require to be covered. There is not a good low cost option on the free market because the government has made it illegal to provide one.

This is nothing more than another small step in the left wing goal of having government take over the entire health care sector. Why didn't the democrats consider having this done in the private sector? Because they would rather create another dependent class of voters.

It is time

To throw Charlie Rangel out.

Health Care Summit.

If you have anything you would like to share about the we'll take 2/3 of the time and call if fair meeting yesterday please feel free to use this thread.

February 25, 2010

Poll Results

The following poll results are from the website of Congressman David Obey (Porkulus) WI.

What do you believe is the biggest issue facing the nation?

The War on Terror 2117 27.7%
Gas Prices & Energy 1805 23.6%
The Economy & Jobs 1769 23.1%
Other 1293 16.9%
Health Care 671 8.8%

Yet they keep on the health care with a singular focus....

Is it November yet?



Gays are up in arms as the census does not ask a question about sexual orientation.

Think I'm kidding? Visit Queer the Census.

Tilikum the murderous killer whale tied to TEA party movement.

They have a picutre, it must be true.

Caption this.

There is no truth to the rumor that this grill is owned by Wayne LaPierre or Owen Robinson.


How does "Homeland Security" lose a thousand computers?

Makes me feel secure. (Sarcasm off)

February 23, 2010

Bitter? Silly hockey loving hosers.

Guess the number game


UPDATE: $3,500,000, the cost to fire seven Los Angeles teachers.

Senator Leibham Listening Session About Jobs & Accountability

Most of the questions and comments for Senator Joe Leibham at his listening session in Sheboygan on February 20 involved some aspect of jobs or government accountability. Really, what have people got without employment and income? And why isn't the government doing what is necessary to allow recovery and, dare we dream, a return to prosperity?

Senator Leibham gave insights into his colleagues' philosophy that could explain why they haven't done anything that really helps jobs. I've put a few audio clips of this session at Liberty's Logic to show the fine work that at least one state senator is doing.

University of Wisconsin Accused of Illegally Funding Students at Abortion Centers


Planned Parenthood Breaking The Law Again.

Caught on tape not reporting a sexual assault of a reported 14 year old.

James T has the video.

The left will be more concerned with attacking Lila Rose than Planned Parenthood breaking the law in saying they do not have to report the sexual assault of a 14 year old.

Your new PIO Racine.

We told you about Racine's new Public Information Officer a few weeks ago. Mark Eickhorst is a long time associate of Mayor Dickert. You tell me, is this release promoting the City or promoting the Mayor?

Mayor John Dickert’s Efforts Providing Return on Investment

RACINE – Mayor John Dickert’s aggressive approach in Madison and Washington
D.C. has begun to payoff for the City of Racine.

The City of Racine has just announced an additional $1.2 million in NSP funds as a result of the Mayor’s aggressive approach to State and Federal funding.

“I promised the people of Racine that I would keep knocking on the doors of
government until I received the funds needed to rebuild our city and those efforts have paid off,” said Dickert.

The City’s work to coordinate their housing programs for efficiency and to create a target area is what helped win the award. That, coupled with the work being done by The Department of City Development is definitely producing a return on investment.

On Tuesday, the Mayor will announce details on additional funding as well as a new initiative to bring jobs back to Racine workers.

To this observer's view it looks like Mark Eickhorst is promoting Mayor Dickert, not the City of Racine. If this is going to be the tone of his press releases Eickhorst should be paid out of Mayor Dickert's campaign funds not out of taxpayer monies.

Could this be...

The next Winter Olympic sport?

Dalls TEA Party invites Olbermann to attend.

Chance he shows up, 0.

Watch the video.

Remember when Obama told us he was going to help the country with credit cards?

Obama's idea of help...

Source: CBS Business

During the past nine months, credit card companies jacked up interest rates, created new fees and cut credit lines. They also closed down millions of accounts. So a law hailed as the most sweeping piece of consumer legislation in decades has helped make it more difficult for millions of Americans to get credit, and made that credit more expensive.

Obama's help makes credit harder to get and more expensive, now he wants to help fix your health care.

February 22, 2010

75 reasons...

To be skeptical of global warming.

(Frankly, skeptical is not a strong enough word)

CBO...We Can't Score This...

Obama.. Just trust me.

Obama's idea of bi-partisan.

We'll do it our way in secret for a year, invite you in for four hours, pretend to care about your input and then threaten to cram it down your throat.

I'll stick with partisan if that is my option.

Apparently Curlers...

Do not believe in the 12th man.

MRQ more ammo.


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me never like Trog. Steve

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you nearly made me spit CFR

Break out the snuggies! Derek

bound to crack 40 before the weekend's out. Bruce. (Was that crack a 40?)

Have you scared your child today Al Gore's brain.

Happy Boondoggle Day! Sykes.

Tastes like Chicken! Shoebox

Hairy Geeks Nick

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groaned out loud Carrie

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Lube me up Jimi

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Age is overrated. Egg.


Even the Racine Journal Times sees the folly of Wisconsin Democrats latest ploy on election law.

Pay attention to this one kids. Wisconsin Democrats are trying to make a law that says we don't give a damn what the voters in Wisconsin say.

Gee, another inconvenient truth

Will Al Gore issue a correction?

He won't he and other zealots want to keep scaring the kiddies to his way of thinking.