February 13, 2010


In todays world, that term doesn't really mean anything.
Victory can mean loss. Up can mean down. Warm can be cold.

Curious, tho, when will the MSM start calling the cold weather across the globe "unexpected?"
Or is that something reserved only for the "unexpected" job losses that come out of nowhere and don't really fit the template of Hope?

What am I saying?
Nothing I ever learned in school really means anything these days: cold is the new hot.

And before any of the lemmings start chirping about how the heat is doing this, show me the:
a) increase in hurricanes since Katrina (hey, wasn't that just one weather event that was used to fortell climate?) or
b) when the ice cap melted.
How are those apocolyptic predictions working out for ya?

February 12, 2010

Caption This

Sean Duffy: What they're saying.

Nice vid...

So let me get this straight.

Now the left is trying to remove a judge as they ran on a tough on crime platform?

Three leftie judges actually agree with this stance?

Let's flip this around...

Linda Clifford ran against Judge Zeigler mostly on her record as an environmental lawyer. Based on the same criteria, if she had made it to the state supreme court would these same left wingers be asking her to recuse herself on matters pertaining to the environment as she is too biased to give fair consideration?

Interesting Move

Glenn Beck is coming to the Milwaukee airwaves.

8 to 10 am with his third hour delayed until 9 pm on 1130 WISN.

The Green Police

Are in Toledo.

February 11, 2010

So, what's going on in the world.

Iran declares themselves a nuclear power, shuts off outside news, threatens Israel, kicks out Google.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is taking credit for success of President Bush in Iraq when he and his boss came out against the surge.... Obama is making up jobs, talking about increasing taxes on those making less than he promised before, and left wingers claim one storm is climate. (again)

Yeah, I feel just great about everything... (Turn off sarcasm and pass the bottle)

What the....??!?!!?

OK, so I happened to look down at the change I received at the store today.
I noticed a brand-spanking-new quarter, so out of curiosity I turned it over and noticed it was indeed minted in 2009.

Would anyone care to guess which state was represented?

I’ll give you a hint:
If you think you can narrow the choices to 50 (or in some instances 58)………..you would be wrong.

There’s your hint.

Please guess.
For all I know this has been going on for some time, still….


To our new Carp Overlords.

Happy Birthday Sarah Palin.

February 10, 2010

Captain Phil Passed Away

Caption The Badger Blogger's Paw

Wisconsin Olympians.

Someone searched and wound up at RDW after asking if there were any Wisconsin residents participating in the Winter Olympics.


Here's a curler out of Madison that i know. Go Nicole!

WTMJ, channel 4 in Milwaukee has a nice background of all Wisconsin Winter Olympic participants on their web page.

Opening ceremonies are on Friday.

Government Efficiency

You can't make this stuff up.

Caption This.

Brewer fans asked to pay for Cubs facility.

JS ONLINE. The Milwaukee Brewers and other teams in the Cactus League in Arizona have hired a lobbyist to lead opposition to a proposal to enact a ticket surcharge to help finance a new Chicago Cubs spring-training facility.

For the Brewers and other teams, the issue is simple. Why should Brewers fans pay a surcharge on a Brewers spring-training ticket to help the Cubs?

Why indeed.

February 8, 2010

Guess the number game.


The Great Mr. Pelican Pants gets another one. (With a bit of an assist)

Those wacky Illionois Democrats...

Gov. Pat Quinn and fellow Demcratic leaders began the delicate dance of picking a new running mate for Quinn today, while emphasizing there was no horse-trading involved in a scandal-ridden Chicago pawnbroker’s decision to abandon his primary nomination for lieutenant governor.

Here is the scandal, Illinois Democrats new about this guys baggage and THEY DIDN'T SAY A THING ABOUT IT.

A Brietbart story reports that Governor Quinn, Senator Dick Durbin and Rep. Danny Davis all tried to get Cohen to drop out of the race but none of them said anything in public before last Tuesday's election.

How typical of unethical Illinois Democrats to say nothing in public about the dirty laundry of one of their own.

Is nothing sacred?

Looks like Captain America has been hanging out with the Huffpo nuts.

Has Mayor Dickert learned anything?

Racine's Mayor is proposing another of his campaign insiders be given a consulting gig.

This time it is Sandy Petrykowski, she is being offered a $40,000 consulting gig to work on Racine cable channel CAR 25.

It certainly appears that Petrykowski has the background to do the job but here we are again with the Mayor awarding lucrative contracts to campaign cronies.

Amazingly, the Racine Post sings her praises but forgets to mention the prior relationship between Petrykowski and the Mayor. How is that not a relevant point?

UPDATE: The Racine Post is reporting that Petrykowski had no official role in Dickert's campaign. She was supposedly filming footage for an unreleased, unedited project.

The fact remains that Petrykowski dealth with Dickert during the campaign and he is recommending her without opening up this consulting position to a RFP.

Congressman John Murtha has died.

He served his country honorably as a member of the United States Marine Corps.

We thank him for his service and offer condolences to his family.

Your attention please...

24 commences in 4 hours and 48 minutes.

You may now commence with your lives.

MRQ bunch of nuts to crack.

What the fook was that? Racineuncovered.

burning our bras in general rage. Concertina.

Didn't blog any from the basement. Trog.

Corpse-man. Patrick

tell your new boyfried to torture your old boyfriend. Wyatt

happy ending. CFR

Men need pants. Althouse

Hear the dirty word. Ol'broad


four inch heels. CFR


bunch of nuts to crack. Bruce

The Who or Janet Jackson's nipple? Michaels

"Fat Cat" NFL Athletes with Mil $ Bonuses took advantage of lesser teams. AlGore'sBrain

Green police = Obama's dream Jill

Abstinence delays sex Folk.

qualified to be an Obama Czar! Shoebox

all the glamour and glory! SusanKim

wearing a Colts jersey Nick.

"That's what she said" Corky

I'd rather have #demonsheep than #demonsnow Peter

The world needs more ninjas Carrie

tastes like 'nanners Sara

The Saints need Congressman Paul Ryan to draw up a roadmap to stopping Peyton Manning. Christian

with no pants Sam

Good if you're drunk, then annoying as hell. KB

I miss TRQ. I need the attention! Jimi. We miss you too big guy.

Manning channels Favre. TAB

fertile minds Hohner.

10 to 14" instead Kevin.

creepy as hell. Patrick

The teleprompter broke Me.

"We're in for some big cuchi-cuchi" Deibert

snow envy Jones

His first time. Wigdy

Dean Wormer was wrong Peter

February 7, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV Commercials Live Blog.

I'll be doing my best to live blog the big game. Seeing how bad I was at predictions this post season I'll be focusing on Superbowl commercials and half-time entertainment leaving the game call to the experts.

We're going to have a full house for the game so I'll be including crowd reaction to the ads. I won't catch them all but I'll do my best to bring you reaction while also attending to hosting duties.

This year you can have an impact into the MVP selection. In the 4th quarter MVP balloting will be opened up to you the fans , you can cast your vote here. The fan vote will account for 20% of the overall score, on site media gets the remaining 80%. Hey, at least they care about your opinion a little bit.

T-minus an hour and a half until kickoff....

Heads, darn it, I lost a buck.

Bud Light House.... Love it, probably not a great idea to invite your friends though!

Betty White Snickers add, Love Abe Vigoda! Worth every dollar.

Tim Tebow commercial, why are lefties outraged when people choose not to abort a child? Not worthy of the controversey.

Hyundai, works of art. A waste of $2.5 million

Super Bowl Shuffle takeoff, McMahon in a cheetah print thong? Just wrong baby, Boost. I like Ditka much more now that he isn't coaching against the Packers any more.

Dorito shock collar, Woof woof.. Very good.

Robin Hood movie.. Yeah they got me, I want to see it.

Keep yo hands off my Mama & my Dorito's, LOVE THAT KID.

Bud Light Astronomers. We're safe. Liked it, not worth $2.5 million though. Needed Bruce Willis.
NCIS, Leroy Jethro Gibbs head slap, need more of that.

Simpson's Montee Burns broke.... 600 hundred degrees of AWESOME times 10, Apu is too nice.

Go Daddy.... This is a public announcement Troglopundit, watch your blood pressure.

Dorito casket. It's a miracle! Not really.

Bud Light voice box.... Someone got paid to make that ad?

Beavers on Monster.com find your path. Didn't care for it. FOB says "Nice beaver"

Werewolf, not excited about it, that $2.5 million did not change my mind.

Orca, bachelor party.... Dumb.

Timothy Richmond on cars.com Dude can do anything. Not impressed. If he is that all knowing he could have made an entertaining commercial.

Budweiser - The bridge is out. Hey what's important is what's important.

Shadow Island - Creepy factor 10, not exactly my thing but hey Leo is in it.

I'm Mark Sanchez, I love women.

Letterman & Leno with Oprah. Somehow I think there was some sort of technical mumbo jumbo going on there.

Casual Friday - We've decided to make it all week, Expose yourself.... I appreciae my employer.

Another no pants add? Clever grouping, both adds suck. Dockers, your pants on the ground. Mrs RDW says they should have had better models.

Brett Favre - 2020 MVP awesomeness! Does he need a new tractor yet?

I think we can get off this Island... WOO HOO BUD LIGHT! We're gonna be OK! $2.5 million worthy.

Dove for men, turn it off turn it off turn it off off off.


Mrs. RDW grabbed the first cupcake, we have Saints and Colts cupcakes, she took a Colts chocolate one. Not sure what thay portrays about the final score. (Those who know her know the chocolate was a no brainer) Levi went with Saints, Set went with Colts, all chocolate. I think there will be yellow cupcakes left over. Treats at the office tomorrow I guess.

I will get up at 6am, etc etc. I will I will I will I will not buy whatever it is this idiot is hocking. FOB liked that one...

Flowers in a box, LOL there's a lot of nice guys in prison... LOVED IT!

Papa John. Nice car. Silly commercial.

Alice in Wonderland - Is there anything Johnny Depp can't do. General consensus - no thanks.

Gene Simmons Kiss - Dr. Pepper. Not worthy

Ground Hogs - Six more weeks of football - Love it.

2 minute warning - almost time for the Puppy Bowl.

Harry Potter land @ Disney - not surprised but then I'm a muggle.

Injury report - spine removal - change out of that skirt Jason... I work with that guy.

Intel robot - Poor little guy, robots have feelings too.

PUPPY BOWL VI - Pugtastic!

Back to watch The Who... Wow, these guys are a shell of their former selves. Does the nursing home know they are missing? Nice light show though. Sounds like CSI should be coming up next...

Official review from the dog, aren't you going to drop any tortilla chips?

The Who has to ask "Who are you?" because they can't remember any more.

Well at least they don't have a thousand local high school kids jumping up and down pretending like they know who The Who are...

Nephew Seth, "Wow Dad those are are really old people."

FOB's Dad called, he has heard third graders sing better.

High Life commercial. tribute to the little guy, love that guy.

Disney - Prince of Persia. What no Nick Cage? That one will not make the must see list.

Motorolla phone add, a bit of overkill

Slug bug - Stevie Wonder was a nice surprise...

Oh no, Denny's free grand slam day, bad day to have to drive by Hwys 20 & 31 in Racine. Last year there were cars everywhere. Amazing how long people will wait for a free Grand Slam breakfast.

Grizwolds - Homeaway, loved it!!!

Bring it on fatman - full out chuckles from the crowd!

Sleep Walking - Weird but ok.

Etrade - babies - wolf style. Milkaholic - they are keeping an old ad fresh, Mrs RDW liked the wolf howl.

Census add - $2.5 million of my tax dollars on Ed Begley Jr? Epic fail.

Google Search on... Is there anything Google can't do?

KIA Sock Monkey - multiple giggles reported.

Budweiser Select 55 - not worthy of the Super Bowl. This ad could cause nightmares

Almost the end of the third quarter and the ads are getting worse and worse, fortunatley the game ain't bad.

6 5 4 3 2 1 ignition Reggie Bush blast off - bad effort NFL but you are welcome.

US Cellular - you just wasted your money.

Vizio Entertainment Apps, dudn't know where they were going, still confused.

Emerald Nuts & Popcorn - No one in the room go that one but we all have the munchies.

Dante's Inferno, good song,

Bud nothing comes between friends, especially fences... Awwwwwwwww, warm Clydesdale fuzzies.

Screaming chickens.... free grand slam - nice. Liked the Secret Service chickens with the shades.

Green Police - This is not far off from being true - frightening

Taco Bell $5 box rocks, but your commercial didn't Sir Charles.

Tim loves Doritos. Tim is apparently a very disturbed individual.

Etrade babies, I didn't understand any of them.....

Shapeups - Waste of $2.5 million

Go Daddy 2 - Troglopundit cardiac watch - How hot is too hot? Seriously though there is hotter than that on TV and the has been since we saw Andy Sipowitz' butt.

New toy test...

I got a new Flip camera this week...

That is my Nephew Joe draining the three pointer...

Fred Dooley Achievements

(click to biggie size)
Background.... Dishonest Moonbat Zach at Blogging Blue started this meme with Terrence Wall.

Capper of course jumped on applying Scott Walker, and Aaron at The Hispanic Conservative added Tom Barrett.
The quotes are the key. When you add quotes to a Google search it will look for those words in that exact order.

Caption This

H/T Trog