January 9, 2010

Keep America Safe: 100 Hours

FM Acro Team at American Gold Gold N Motion 2008

This group was the half-time entertainment at the Bucks game last night.

They were amazing. It was truly difficult to take in as there was so much activity coming from every direction. Big fun though, everyone in our group really enjoyed their routine.

Basketball isn't really my thing...

However, I attended the Bucks vs. Bulls game last night at the Bradley Center.

Great game, Andrew Bogut was really a surprise. That dude is one tough hombre'.

And the Bucks won which always helps...

Go Bucks Go.

NFL Playoff Open Thread

Ravens 33 vs. Patriots 14

Eagles 14 vs. Cowboys 34

Jets 24 vs. Bengals 14

Packers 45 vs. Cardinals 51

My predictions: Patriots, Eagles, Bengals, Packers.

Missed every flippin one of them... !@&*(!@&*%!&^%@&%#$!^)&*)!^@)

January 8, 2010

Enivironmental Lights Creating Dangerous Conditions.

Why don't they ever think things through?

Caption This.

Good for him...

Sean Duffy is getting some national love.

Cap That!!

Better yet, Gorebal warming morons.....trade for a brain.

Guess where this happened?

"One Word" Ad

Remember this from the campaign?

Now Obama wants to do exactly this in the health care "reform" bill.

More lies told on the campaign trail.

Packer Playoff Predictions

Place your predictions for the Packer playoff game on Sunday versus the Cardinals.

Mr. Pelican Pants is banned from this post. (just kidding)

Tell me.

Why is Kevin Jennings still a member of the Obama cabinet?

January 6, 2010

January 4, 2010

Guess the number game


UPDATE: 2.71. The state of Wisconsin general fund deficit in billions of dollars. The great Mr. Pelican Pants nails it again.

Congratulations Wisconsin, our per capita deficit is even worse the California's.

Governor Doyle just thinks it must be wrong, he isn't concerned at all. After all he made the mess now he is just going to leave it for the next Governor to fix.

Drinking Right Predictions

The following predictions were gathered at the very successful Drinking Right Holiday party on Sunday. (pictures later)

We entered 2009 thinking the Republican party was going to be "whigged". We'll exit 2010 seeing the first stages of the Democrat party actually being "whigged" from within. Shoebox.

There will be a rebound in the Republican part. The US economy will worsen. We will be more invested in global wars. Expe.

Herb Kohl will leave the Senate. Sam Hagedorn.

Brewers miss the playoffs, Macha gets fired. Dean.

Price of gold over $1,700 an ounce. I will not be asked to appear on the Charlie Sykes TV show. The Asian Badger

David Clark will be the next Milwaukee County Executive. Corey.

Scott Walker wins. Jill

Scott Walker will be Governor. Da Bears will have a new Coach. I will lose 30 25 20 pounds. Chris from Racine.

Governor Walker will drive Capper insane. Patrick.

People will spend the $ they have. buy local. Gas will stay around #3.00 / gal (Fair $). Homes will start to move on the market, Barrett will stay in Milwaukee, and the Packers will win today. (They did) Jackie.

Scott Walker becomes Governor. Lindsay Lohan dies. Mrs. The Chad.

Favre will do to the Vikes what he did to the Packers and Jets. Steve

Ann Coulter will pose for Playboy. James Wigderson.

Feingold wins re-election, GOP will get majority in house of Representatives, Dems retain majority in the Senate. Bill

My blog will make a comeback! Walker wins. The Divine Miss J.

Hillary will resign her position as Sec. of State in late 2010 and will announce her intention to run against Barrack Hussein Obama in a Democrat Primary. Glenn.

Mary Landrieu gets recalled & Nebraska passes a recall law to get Nelson out. Kyle.

Brewers in the playoffs. The Tea party movement overwhelms the RNC. The Chad.

Packers will win the Superbowl. Doyle will retire out of the State of Wisconsin. JSOnline will charge a subscription fee. George Clooney will marry. Jimi.

Mills Fleet Farm will merge with Blain's Farm & Fleet. Tom McMahon.

Kathy Carpenter will be re-elected to Kenosha City Council. Lisa.

Scott Walker will become Wisconsin's next Governor. Republicans will take back both houses of the state legislature. Peter.

Obama will host a beer summit with Bin Laden... All we be hunky dorey. Still Unreal.

That lousy health care "reform" bill will be forced upon us. :( Marjie

Walker, winner. Joel Kleefish

Republicans pick up 20 seats in the House, 5 Senate seats. Walker wins. Pete.

Newmann drops out of race in May! Tom Snyder.

After the mid-term elections Nancy Pelosi will no longer be Speaker of the House. Me.

I like dolphins as much as anyone...

But this is getting ridiculous.

MRQ blarrrgrumblehrmphmrrffffff

MRQ (Monday Random Quotes)

I wore Depends. Ol' Broad

6 screamers. Patrick

random firing of guns. Owen

flaming pubic hair. Steve

This country needs Old Farts SER

Decade of Delusion James T

trash talk works better Trog

a hand-held device Bruce.

trampled by giant wieners Trog

clueless, idiotic, unsophisticated AWL

Whack-A-Mole Peter

Narcissist extraordinaire! Geri.

TRQ (Twitter Random Quotes)

take a shower CFR

drink and tweet AccidentalWI


under the covers. Candid Carrie

everyone is all huggy today Patrick

I've spent more time in my bedroom than normal recently Sarandipity

licking my pizza. Radish.

intoxicated CFR

blarrrgrumblehrmphmrrffffff Jones.

QuickPullFree. Kevin

A little off. Casey

jungle karma. Corky

That @realdebate guy is kind of a pushy jerk Drinking Right.

Pure, unadulterated GENIUS! Egg

I got stuck with the lame brown pony. Sarandipity