December 22, 2010

Pssssst! Psssst! Don't tell anyone but ...

Diamond Jim felt he needed one last junket at our expense, so when the opportunity to have another "free trip" before leaving office presented itself he just couldn't refuse.

Now, before all you Doyle Defenders try to deflect this as a trip to drum up "Green Jobs" business for Wisconsin let's check what took place against logic.

Doyle and his assistant's travel expenses and maybe some hotel and meals were paid by someone other than the state tax payers. But we paid the tab for the two body guards and another person. Over all not likely to be a huge budget busting expense, but still paid by the tax payer.

On ALL of Diamond Jim's previous junkets to get business for Wisconsin he took along a much larger group of people including those from our Commerce department and often a good number of business leaders who were there to assist in looking for ways to gain business for Wisconsin. Why not this time? Was he really seriously looking for more jobs for Wisconsin or was this just as I suggested - one last fling before leaving the governors job? After all the weather in Can-Cun is great this time of year. Did he even attend any of the sessions? Where are the agreements and a report about all the new "Green Job" opportunities he brought back with him?

On ALL previous trips the Governor's office made a HUGE splash in the media ahead of time about the great significance of the trip to wherever - looking to boost Wisconsin jobs and business. On this trip he tried to completely hide the fact that it even happened. Why? It couldn't be because this was just a free trip with no intention of bringing back anything to help out our state, or could it.

In the great scheme of things surrounding our states fiscal mess this is not by itself going to create a lot more ruin, but it is just another confirmation of the TOTAL LACK OF CHARACTER and ETHICAL PRINCIPLES that our soon to be X-Governor has had for the 8 looonnnggg years we have had him in the Governor's mansion doing everything possible to screw up our state!! Good ridance to an absolute failure as our Governor.

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