December 13, 2010

MRQ without the hot ex-Governor


Mr. .000   Kevin

she was very good  Dan

that wasn't good enough  Van Helsing

that’s a tingler Trog

one and done  James T

Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm  Paul 

Do it.  Owen

impotent and limp  Althouse

dropping F-bombs.  Mary

may have been a scuzz ball  Jib

Twinkle lights.  Dipity


totally bringing the suck.  Frank

stopped showing it  CFR

without the hot ex-Governor  Lou

Wine or beer?  Holly

I think it's time we see other people.  Chad

before they splat Tammy

If Obama Care is so great, why do we need a death tax? Aaron

WOOD!!!!!!!  CFR 

the corner of Capitol Drive & Hell  Dipity

a whopping 2.7%  Paula

Can I hear a Brrrr  Nancy.


playing w hostile crowds  Shoebox.

collapse dammit!  Kevin

screwing with football  Pete

pretty experienced   Nick

many tapestries  Conrad

salted like a pretzel  Wigdy

come get sum  Patrick

pissed off actual Communists  Egg

scarred me forever  TAB

being redundant  Michael

packed for all four seasons Jones

I'm cheating  CFR

not quite so tingly  Lance

bullsnow  Dipity

spreading the wealth  RDW

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