December 27, 2010

MRQ reindeer games

conspiracy nuts known as “Woofers”  Doug
let’s see if this sets the mood  Shoebox
a Festive Holiday Hat.  Tom
Just to see what it’s like  Trog
more stressed than usual Kate
you just can't buy class.  CFR
I’ll hold the chickens  Bussorah
a piece of crap. Owen
I just couldn’t help my self  Ric
are you suuuuuure it's really chocolate  Sta'Cee
I have a few friends   Frank
 I win.  Dipity
check for breathing every night  Jimi
spray-on wrapping paper.  Aaron
my pics are safe  CFR
I have to go to the bathroom!  Raydene
crying from a dream  Holly
Rough evening ahead  Wigdy
expecting presents  Kate
reindeer games  Nancy
take our relationship to the next level  Carrie
you can't rush toast   Keith
give it to the annoying teenager  Wigdy
I dont want to talk to anyone  Patrick
Slowly?   Egg
I was a good boy   TAB
Flat=good  Dean
 the Ooga Oooga chant Peter
Monday is winning  Dipity
Can I borrow somebody's brand new Lexus  Tom

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