December 20, 2010

MRQ how not to play

children throwing tantrums.  Mary.
lewd and lascivious behavior  OrbsCorbs
likely to end up in the TSA  Egg
The margin of Wood  Egg
sounding like Ebeneezer Scrooge   Bill
a very good month  blue
frozen friendsicles Mdme Zoltar
scattered  Kate
TRQ (Packer Edition)
need a freakin haircut Erik
looms large Jason
Deep ball threat cianciola
hit the gym  Kevin
 whispering to you.  Wigdy
cut your hair.  Spammy
how not to play   Chris
In like (Matt) Flynn  Hackbarth
the jumble about bumble.  Me
good will to all.  Will
coconuts full of rum  Raydene.
 the paranoia of him doing it again  Nancy
an interesting game  Chris
the godfather of dumbass  Jimi
everything a total stranger can possibly know about two elderly ladies in the waiting room  Kate
comprised of morons  TAB
feeling mischevious  Holly
I bow to your greater FF knowledge  Frank.
all out of wood glue.  Mr. Peanut

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