December 6, 2010

MRQ enjoy it just a little

confiscate the underwear  Trog
work off that binge  Mdme Zoltar
I hear North Korea is recruiting   Dipity
enjoy it just a little  Wigdy
Blam! Kapow! Smack!  Dan
the rish I took Trog
getting a Hot Wheels set for Christmas  Jib
jabbed through the web of skin Aaron
I saw Spongebob and Patrick Wigdy
Is she a democrat?  Ric
shaking head  CFR
Princess of Power  Dipity
happy as all my guy friends  Frank
 it would be nice to have some  Holly
kept in cages   Kate
$1.5 million or best offer  Nick
Algebra is my kryptonite  The Chad
Coffee anyone?  Cindy   (Yes please)
doing it by hand   Jimi
Party on.  Shoebox
Blah blah blah Nancy
What happens on twitter stays on twitter.  Carrie.  No, it doesn't.
one really lousy dresser  Kevin
Fred Dooley behind bars  Wigdy
No likiee  Patrick
subsidize your unwillingness to work  Egg
shoot him again  TAB
my but-tox  Jones
blah blah SEX blah blah FOOD, blah, blah BEER   Dean
the better James Bond villain  Peter
Off to stab someone with this candy cane  Dipity
the party really is over   Tom
I won't have any eyebrows  Samdham

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