November 18, 2010

Update on the Terrorist who murdered my Nephew in Arkansas

We are still awaiting justice in the case of the Terrorist who murdered my nephew and severely wounded another soldier in June of 2009 in Arkansas. US justice at it's finest takes almost 2 years!! Why?

At present the trial is scheduled to finally start in Feb 2011. The defense attorney has recently requested the case to be moved from Arkansas state courts to a Federal court. Why? You may ask? Because Arkansas has the death penalty for murder and the attorney obviously knows he cannot get the terrorist off, so he will try to go federal court and avoid the death penalty.

Emperor Obama still denies this was a terrorist attack on US soil. Maybe he needs to read this article and believe the statements of the terrorist himself. Oh and by the way -- these statements are 100% voluntary by the terrorist no water-boarding was used or needed.

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